Web Page Design

31 July 2000

Putting Pages on the Web with FTP

Use ftp -- in either the command-line version or the more user-friendly graphical version, WS_FTP (Fetch on the Macintosh) -- to upload pages to your Unix account. Everything has to be uploaded into the public_html directory: the first time you connect with ftp, you'll have to use the mkdir function to create the directory; each time you connect afterwards, be sure you've used the cd command to change into that directory.

For a copy of WS-FTP you can install on your home machine, see the page on software on CD available from Rutgers. I'm still sorting through Rutgers's Web pages trying to find the details on how you can get it at Newark. You can download a 30-day evaluation version of WS_FTP, but I'm prety sure we have a site license for it so you can save the money.