Honors Composition

English 104, Spring 2001

Jack Lynch

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Office: (973) 353-5279 x 516; 516 Hill Hall.

Hours: Monday, 2:30-4:00, and by appointment (appointments are best).

Home: (609) 882-4642 (before 10:30 p.m.!).

E-mail: jlynch@andromeda.rutgers.edu (the best way to reach me).

Listserv: lynch104 @ andromeda.rutgers.edu (for the whole class).

Course Requirements

Schedule of Class Meetings

Wed., 17 Jan.:

Mon., 22 Jan.:
Library Session One: Internet Research (meet in the Electronic Classroom, 021A, in Dana Library).
Wed., 24 Jan.:
The Declaration of Independence (DI, pp. 5-9).

Mon., 29 Jan.:
The Declaration of Independence (continued).
Wed., 31 Jan.:
The Declaration of Independence (continued). OED Exercise Due.

Mon., 5 Feb.:
Patrick Henry, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" (DI, pp. 1-4); James Madison, Federalist 10 (DI, pp. 35-42).
Wed., 7 Feb.:
William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator (DI, pp. 69-71); Abraham Lincoln, The Emancipation Proclamation (DI, pp. 89-91), The Gettysburg Address (DI, pp. 92-93), Second Inaugural Address (DI, pp. 94-96). Research Evaluation Exercise Due.

Mon., 12 Feb.:
Henry David Thoreau, Walden, pp. 1-72.

Wed., 14 Feb.:
Thoreau, Walden, pp. 72-144. OED Exercise Due.

Mon., 19 Feb.:
Thoreau, Walden, pp. 144-216.
Wed., 21 Feb.:
Library Session Two: Getting around the Rutgers Library System (meet in the Electronic Classroom in Dana Library). Paper One Due.

Mon., 26 Feb.:
Frederick Jackson Turner, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" (on-line).
Wed., 28 Feb.:
Benjamin F. Wright, Jr., "Political Institutions and the Frontier"; Louis M. Hacker, "Sections — Or Classes?" (photocopy packet).

Mon., 5 March:
George Wilson Pierson, "The Frontier and American Institutions: A Criticism of the Turner Theory" (photocopy packet).
Wed., 7 March:
Carlton J. H. Hayes, "The American Frontier — Frontier of What?" (photocopy packet). OED Exercise Due.

Mon., 12 March:
No Class: Spring Break.
Wed., 14 March:
No Class: Spring Break.

Mon., 19 March:
Burton M. Leiser, selection from Liberty, Justice, and Morals: Contemporary Value Conflicts; Jeffrey Weeks, "Against Nature" (photocopy packet).
Wed., 21 March:
"Summary Report of the Military Working Group on Recommended Department of Defense Homosexual Policy" (photocopy packet). Paper Two Due.

Mon., 26 March:
"Small Comfort for Gay Soldiers"; R. D. Adair and Joseph C. Myers, "Admission of Gays to the Military: A Singularly Intolerant Act" (photocopy packet); George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language" (on-line).
Wed., 28 March:
In-Class Debate (topic to be announced).

Mon., 2 April:
Library Session Three: Using the Reference Department (meet in the Electronic Classroom in Dana Library). Research Evaluation Exercise Due.
Wed., 4 April:
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, vol. 1.

Mon., 9 April:
Shelley, Frankenstein, vol. 2.
Wed., 11 April:
Shelley, Frankenstein, vol. 3. Paper Three Due.

Mon., 16 April:
Frankenstein (continued). OED Exercise Due.
Wed., 18 April:
No Class: I'll be galivanting in New Orleans.

Mon., 23 April:
Frankenstein (continued).
Wed., 25 April:
Frankenstein (continued).

Mon., 30 April:
Conclusion. Final Paper (Revision of Your In-Class Paper) Due.