The Eighteenth Century

English 325, Autumn 2003

Jack Lynch

Course Description

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Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:30, and by appointment (appointments are best).

Home: (609) 882-4642 (before 10:00 p.m.!).

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Course Requirements

Schedule of Class Meetings

Tues., 2 Sept.
Introduction (class business, &c.).
Thurs., 4 Sept.
Stuart Sherman, "The Restoration and Eighteenth Century" (L 1979-2002/2061-84); Thomas Sprat, from The History of the Royal Society (L 2042-43/2125-27); John Locke, from An Essay concerning Human Understanding (L 2631-35/2661-65); David Hume, from An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding (L 2647-50/2677-80).

Tues., 9 Sept.
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, "The Disabled Debauchee" (L [2nd ed. only] 2279-80), "Song" (L 2196/2280), "The Imperfect Enjoyment" (L 2196-98/2280-82).
Thurs., 11 Sept.
Sir John Denham, Cooper's Hill (L 2858-67/on-line); John Dryden, "Ode to Mrs. Anne Killigrew" (L 2109-14/2193-97), Alexander's Feast (L 2114-19/2198-2202).

Tues., 16 Sept.
Dryden, selections from Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satire (on-line), Mac Flecknoe (L 2103-8/2186-92). OED EXERCISE DUE: Report on three words from Rochester, Denham, or Dryden.
Thurs., 18 Sept.
William Wycherley, The Country Wife, acts 1-3 (L [2nd ed. only] 2288-2324).

Tues., 23 Sept.
Wycherley, The Country Wife, acts 4-5 (L [2nd ed. only] 2325-56).
Thurs., 25 Sept.
Aphra Behn, Oroonoko (L 2150-93/2235-78).

Tues., 30 Sept.
Behn, Oroonoko (continued).
Thurs., 2 Oct.
Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, pp. 1-97.

Tues., 7 Oct.
Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, pp. 97-194.
Thurs., 9 Oct.
Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, pp. 194-306. OED EXERCISE DUE: Report on three words from Wycherley, Behn, or Defoe.

Tues., 14 Oct.
Swift, Gulliver's Travels, part 1.
Thurs., 16 Oct.
Swift, Gulliver's Travels, part 2.

Tues., 21 Oct.
Swift, Gulliver's Travels, parts 3 and 4; from Philosophical Transactions (L 2044-47/2127-30); from Robert Hooke, Micrographia (L 2047-54/2131-36). FIRST PAPER DUE (around six pages).
Thurs., 23 Oct.
NO CLASS: I'll be away at a conference..

Tues., 28 Oct.
Jonathan Swift, "A Description of the Morning" (L 2364-65/2439-40), "A Description of a City Shower" (L 2365-67/2440-42), "The Lady's Dressing-Room" (L 2370-73/2445-48), "Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift" (L 2374-86/2449-61).
Thurs., 30 Oct.
Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism (L 2461-78/2476-92), selections from An Essay on Man (L 2526-35/2541-50); Sir Isaac Newton, from his letter to Richard Bentley (L 2628-30/2658-60).

Tues., 4 Nov.
Pope, The Rape of the Lock (L 2489-2508/2504-23).
Thurs., 6 Nov.
Pope, An Epistle . . . to Dr. Arbuthnot (L 2535-45/2550-60).

Tues., 11 Nov.
John Gay, The Beggar's Opera, acts 1 and 2 (L 2573-2602/2585-2617).
Thurs., 13 Nov.
Gay, The Beggar's Opera, act 3 (L 2602-16/2617-32); William Hogarth, The Rake's Progress (L 2616-25). OED EXERCISE DUE: Three words from Swift, Pope, or Gay.

Tues., 18 Nov.
Mary, Lady Chudleigh, "To the Ladies" (L 2139-40/2224-25); Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, "Verses Addressed to the Imitator of . . . Horace" (on-line); selection from The Athenian Mercury (L 2350-53/2426-29); Richard Steele, from Tatler 104 (L 2354-55/2429-30); Joseph Addison, Spectator 128 (L 2355-57/2430-32); Eliza Haywood, selections from The Female Spectator (L 2357-61/2433-37).
Thurs., 20 Nov.
Samuel Richardson, Pamela, pp. 31-130.

Tues., 25 Nov.
Richardson, Pamela, pp. 130-278. OED EXERCISE DUE: Three words from Chudleigh, Montagu, Steele, Addison, Haywood, or Richardson.
Thurs., 27 Nov.
NO CLASS: Thanksgiving break.

Tues., 2 Dec.
Richardson, Pamela, pp. 279-392.
Thurs., 4 Dec.
Richardson, Pamela, pp. 392-516.

Tues., 9 Dec.
Henry Fielding, Shamela (on-line). SECOND PAPER DUE (around eight pages).