Computer Information

English 3.303, Autumn 1995, Jack Lynch

This class has an electronic mailing list called; all students are required to have an E-mail account by the send of the second week of classes and to participate in the discussions on the list.

Six books are available from the Penn Book Center, but some of the readings and other course materials are available only on-line on the English Web. To reach the Web from, choose lynx from the menu, press lowercase g (for "Go to"), type

and press Enter. Choose "Courses," then "Course Home Pages," then English 3. If you have computer trouble, send a message to
and you'll receive a response within a day.

Though I have the greatest sympathy for those suffering from technological nightmares, don't expect to use computer problems as an excuse for not doing the reading or writing. If you have a computer problem, contact either english-help@english or me as soon as possible.