Course Requirements

English 3 is a Freshman Writing course, which involves the following responsibilities on your part. See also their relative weighting in your final grade.

Writing Assignments

There will be six short assignments (one or two pages) and three longer papers (four or more pages): see the discussion of the writing assignments.

Class Participation

As this course is being conducted as a seminar, regular and active class participation (including being prepared by doing the readings) is essential, and counts for a large part of your grade. Students will also be required to give a ten-to-fifteen-minute informal presentation on their final papers, and two brief reports on the reading for the day (we'll assign students to weeks in the second class).

E-Mail Participation

All students will be required to have an E-mail account by the end of the second week of classes; participation on the E-mail listserv will count toward the class participation grade, and some essential information (including some readings) will be available only electronically. I'll gladly provide any computing help you need.