About these Pages

These pages are maintained by Jack Lynch, Associate Professor of English at Rutgers University — Newark.

Since I maintain a number of widely used pages, including several sets of links to resources in English literature, eighteenth-century studies, and writing, I receive a great many comments, suggestions, requests, and questions. I wish I could reply to them all personally, but it's just impossible. This page contains capsule answers to all the big questions.

Page Layout

I produce text-heavy pages — anathema in a point-and-click culture, I know, but those who want purty pitchers are welcome to go elsewhere.

I design my pages with the most basic browsers in mind. Everything's standard HTML, and everything should be readable in Lynx, a text-only browser. (I try to keep blind and vision-impaired people in mind in every page I compose.) I want nothing to do with needless flash, animated GIFs, background music, frames that do nothing but clutter navigation, and so on.


I'm always glad to get suggestions about pages that might be listed on my site. Please don't hesitate to let me know of pages I've missed. I make additions to my pages every few months.

Some, though, won't make it. As a rule, I don't make links to commercial sites unless they offer something substantial (i.e., more than a trial subscription) for free. I'll bend the rule from time to time, if I think the site is valuable enough in its own right. But as a matter of policy, I don't make links to commercial enterprises like publishers, tutors, paid writing consultants, and so on.

Outdated Links

I welcome notice of outdated or otherwise inaccurate links. I try to test all my links every few months, but the Web is a moving target, and some dead links escape my notice. I'm always glad to hear about them so I can fix them.


Some of my links pages contain capsule reviews. They're rarely feisty, but they can be opinionated. If you spot factual errors in my reviews, or if my review is based on an old version of the site, I'm glad to revisit them. If your opinion of your site is higher than mine, though, I won't be bullied into changing my opinions.

Links to Me

Some people and organizations have written asking permission to make links to my pages. My policy: anyone is welcome to make links to any of the sites I maintain without my official permission. That's what the Web's all about.

Republishing My Pages

I retain the copyright on everything I put on-line. If you're interested in reproducing any of my Web pages — whether in a mirror site or in print — please drop me a line. I've never turned anyone down, but I do want to be sure the terms are clear.


Please, please, please don't send me general questions about literature or writing: I have a more-than-full-time job, and Lord knows this ain't it. I get many questions a day. I answer some — especially those in my area of expertise, eighteenth-century English literature — but for most I have to send a polite canned response telling you to look elsewhere. Don't take it personally.

Here's how to contact me.