English 3, "Orientalism"

Spring 1996, with Jack Lynch

This syllabus is still undressed; details will be filled in as we get closer to January. I invite comments to jlynch@english.upenn.edu.

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Schedule of Class Meetings

16 January

Introduction. Extracts from Herodotus and Marco Polo.

18 January

Mandeville's Travels, pp. ???.

23 January

Mandeville's Travels, pp. ???.

25 January

Mandeville's Travels, pp. ???. Writing Workshop: Finding a Thesis.

30 January

Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine, Acts I-III. Two-page paper due: Mandeville's Travels.

1 February

Marlowe, Tamburlaine, Acts IV-V. Grammar and Style Guide: clarity, precision, and grace.

6 February

Marlowe, Tamburlaine. Writing Workshop: Developing an Argument.

8 February

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; William Collins, Persian Eclogues (both on-line). Two-page paper due: Tamburlaine.

13 February

Samuel Johnson, Rasselas. Grammar and Style Guide: audience, economy, vocabulary, and obfuscation.

15 February

Johnson, Rasselas. First Paper Due: 4-5 pages on the works of Mandeville, Marlowe, Montagu, Collins, or Johnson.

20 February

William Beckford, Vathek.

22 February

Beckford, Vathek. Two-page paper due: Johnson or Beckford. Writing Workshop: Polishing Prose.

27 February

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Kubla Khan; Lord Byron, The Giaour. Grammar and Style Guide: emphasis and sexist language.

29 February

Byron, The Giaour. Writing Workshop: Revising.

5 March

Rudyard Kipling, selections from Plain Tales from the Hills. Revision exercise due: assigned in class, 29 February.

7 March

Kipling, selections from Plain Tales from the Hills.

12 March

No Class -- Spring Break.

14 March

No Class -- Spring Break.

19 March

E. M. Forster, Passage to India. Grammar and Style Guide: concrete language, wasted words, long words, and bugbears.

21 March

Forster, Passage to India. Second Paper Due: 5-6 pages on the works of Beckford, Byron, or Kipling.

26 March

Forster, Passage to India.

28 March

Forster, Passage to India. Writing Workshop: Using Research Tools.

2 April

David Lean, Lawrence of Arabia. Research assignment due. Presentations on final projects. Grammar and Style Guide: citation, fonts, justification, punctuation around quotation marks, and titles.

4 April

Lean, Lawrence of Arabia; selections from T. E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Presentations on final projects.

9 April

George Orwell, "Shooting an Elephant," "Burmese Days," ???. Presentations on final projects.

11 April

Salman Rushdie, ???. Presentations on final projects.

16 April

Maxine Hong Kingston, "White Tigers."

18 April

Orientalism in popular culture. Third Paper Due: either 6-8 pages on the works of Forster, Lean, Lawrence, Orwell, Rushdie, or Kingston; or an extension of one of your previous papers to 8-10 pages.

23 April

Orientalism in popular culture.

25 April