Fun Facts about Jack Lynch

  • He hasn't worn an overcoat since February 1985.
  • He and Conan the Barbarian use the same hair stylist.
  • Even though he's spent most of his life in the suburbs, he's never had a driver's license — not because of health or vision problems, but because he perversely chooses to opt out of one of the ugliest features of modern life.
  • He finds few sensations yuckier than a wet Band-Aid.
  • He's been playing guitar since 1983, though it's a matter of dispute whether he's gotten any better since then.

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Jack Lynch


Where I've Been

After five years in Runnemede, New Jersey, the family moved all the way to the next town over, Bellmawr, New Jersey. After another seven years, we moved to the distant, exotic wilds of the other side of Bellmawr, New Jersey. In late '82, when I was fifteen, came a big move to Woking, in Surrey, England; I finished high school at TASIS England. I returned to America in '85 and did my B.A. at Penn, living for three of my four years in what was then called Van Pelt College House; I got married the week of graduation, and turned my part-time job at what was then called CIGNA Corp. into full-time. I then got my Ph.D. back at Penn in the English department, finishing my degree in 1998.

Where I Am

I'm now an Associate Professor of English at Rutgers – Newark. My wife, who works at dear old Penn, now runs the "Get Busy" Web page for the West and Central NJ Sierra Club Groups. Check it out.

Where I'm Going


Warning: These links show me to be the reactionary throwback I am.

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