Articles and Working Papers
Jason Barr
Department of Economics
Rutgers University, Newark
last updated: Feb. 14, 2009

Computational Industrial Organization

- “Organization, Learning and Cooperation.” (In press) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (with F. Saraceno).

- “Cournot Competition and Endogenous Firm Size.  (2008) Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 18(5), 615-638 (with F. Saraceno).

- “Organizations Undertaking Complex Projects in Uncertain Environments.” (2008) Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 3(2), 119-135 (with N. Hanaki).

- “Cournot Competition, Organization and Learning.(2005)  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 29, 277-295. (with F. Saraceno), 

- “A Computational Theory of the Firm.” (2002) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 49, 345-361. (with F. Saraceno).

Working Papers
- "Firm Organization in Complex and Uncertain Enviroments," May 2006 (with N. Hanaki and T. Tassier)

Urban Economics and Spatial Models
 - “Segregation and Neighborhood Strategic Interaction.” (2008) Eastern Economic Journal, 34,(4),480-503  (with T. Tassier).

Working Papers
- "Skyscraper Height," June 2008

- "Skyscrapers and the Skyline: Manhattan, 1895-2004," April 2007

Power in the European Union

- "Who Has the Power in the EU?" (In press), Mathematical Social Sciences. (with F. Passarelli)

- “Preferences, the Agenda Setter, and the Distribution of Power in the EU. (2007) Social Choice and Welfare, 28(1), 41-60. (with F. Passarelli).

Urban Education

- “Charter Schools and Urban Education Improvements: A Comparison of Newark’s District and Charter Schools. (2006) The Urban Review, 38(4), 291-311 (with A. Sadovnik and L. Visconti).

- “Teacher Location Choice and the Distribution of Quality: Evidence from New York City.” (2005) Contemporary Economic Policy, 23(4), 585-600.

Working Papers
- “Charter School Performance in New Jersey,July 2007

- A Comparison of District and Charter Schools for 4th and 8th Grades in Newark, New Jersey," May 2006 (with A. Sadovnik and L. Visconti)

- "Methodology Report," Pockets of Excellence Study, Institute on Education Law and Policy, Rutgers University, November 2005

- "Charter Schools in NJ Analysis," Tables prepared for PEI and Institute on Education Law and Policy Round Table Conference on Charter Schools in New Jersey and Nationwide, October 15, 2004

- “A Statistical Analysis of the Newark Public Schools,” August 2004


- “Assessing the Geographic Distribution of Same Sex and Opposite Sex Couples across the United States:  Implications for Claims of Causality between Traditional Marriage and Same Sex Unions.” (forthcoming) Review of Economics of the Household (with J. W. Graham).