Contact Information

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Hill Hall 804
Rutgers University
Newark NJ 07102
Ph: 973-353-5350
E-mail: kmundra (at) andromeda.rutgers.edu

| Kusum Mundra

Research Interests

Welcome to my home page. I am an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Rutgers University, Newark.

My research interests are Econometrics (Nonparametric and Semiparametric Panel Data Models), Immigration, Minority Population, Terrorism and Conflict.

My current research focuses on immigrant networks, immigrant housing, conflict, the earnings gap across gender, and nonparametric panel estimators.

Selected Publications

" " “Social Networks and Their Impact on the Employment and Earnings of Mexican Immigrants”, with Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Demography, Nov 2007.

" " “Suicide Bombing As a Strategic Instrument of Protest: An Empirical Investigation,” with Dipak K. Gupta, Terrorism and Political Violence Dec 2005.

" " “Immigration and International Trade: a Semiparametric Empirical Investigation,” in the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development Mar 2005.

" " “Impact of Immigration on Prenatal Care use and Birth Weight: Evidence from California in the 1990s,” with Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes in the American Economic Review-Papers and Proceedings May 2003.

" " “Investigating Hispanic Under Representation in Managerial and Professional Occupations,” with Andrew Moellmer and Waldo Lopez-Aqueres in the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science 2003.

" " “Semiparametric Panel Data Estimation: An Approach to Immigrant Homelink Effect on U.S. Producer Trade Flows,” with Aman Ullah, in Handbook of Applied Econometrics and Statistical Inferences, Marcel Dekker, 2001.

" " " Parametric and Semi-Parametric Estimation of the Effect of Firm Attributes on Efficiency: The Electricity Generating Sector in India,” with Madhu Khanna and Aman Ullah in the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 8(4) 1999, 419-436.

Working Papers

" " “Immigrant-Based Networks and the U.S. Bilateral Trade: Role of Immigrant Occupation”

" " “The Role of Immigrant's Legal Status on Homeownership for Spain,” with Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes

" " “Nonparametric Marginal Effect for Fixed Effect Panel Model”

" " “Dual Elasticities of Substitution- a Nonparametric Analysis,” with R. Robert Russell