D003 Revision of the Catechism

Resolution D003

Topic/Title:   Revision of the Catechism

Proposer:   Dr. Louie Crew (Newark)

Resolved, the House of _____ concurring, That the catechism be changed in The Book of Common Prayer (page 847) to quote Micah 6:8 correctly:

Question: What response did God require from the chosen people? Answer: God required the chosen people to be faithful; to love justice, to do mercy, to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with their God.”; and be it further

Resolved, That all future printings of The Book of Common Prayer include this correction in an erratum until a new edition is approved.


It is much easier to love justice than to do it. It is much easier to be merciful than to love mercy. We should set for ourselves the high standard that Micah articulates.


I presented the resolution in 2003. The committee referred it to the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music, and it has not been heard of since.

See the official record of their action.

I realized that outcome was likely when I drafted the resolution. It has value as an education tool.