Citation Read when Louie Crew was granted a Doctor of Divinity Degree

Citation Read when Louie Crew
was granted
a Doctor of Divinity Degree honoris causa
by the General Theological Seminary
May 14, 2003


Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University in 1958; Master of Arts from Auburn University in 1959; Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in 1971. For more than thirty years a professor of English at institutions as far flung as Fort Valley, Georgia; Stevens Point, Wisconsin; Hong Kong; Beijing; Orangeburg; South Carolina; and from 1989 to 2001 at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he now holds Emeritus Status. A poet, an author, an editor, a skilled computer programmer, a world-renowned communicator, and one of the most reliable sources of information about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. His web site averages five hundred twenty-six visitors per day and has been accessed more than eight hundred sixty-five thousand times since St. Valentines Day in 1996. He is active at every imaginable level of the Episcopal Church and his extensive service has included the Vestry of Grace Church, Newark; the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark; lay Deputy from the Diocese of Newark to several General Conventions of the Episcopal Church; the Editorial Board of The Witness Magazine and currently membership on the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church where he manifested genuine support for this seminary. The founder of Integrity, the organization of Gay and Lesbian Episcopalians and their Friends, he has been a tireless worker for justice, inclusion, and compassionate sacramental and pastoral care for all of God's children. Beloved even by those who may sometimes disagree with him, he has been a healer, a reconciler, a builder of bridges, a speaker of truth, a fountain of knowledge, and a one-person electronic center of God communication in a church sometimes seemingly imperilled by fear, distrust, and misunderstanding. His abiding devotion to his partner Ernest Clay is a beautiful witness to the depth of a love which once dared not speak its name in church. He is a scholar, prophet, communicator, and lay leader this seminar is pleased to honor.


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