Citation for Louie Crew on the the Occasion of Receiving a Doctor of Human Letters Degree

Citation for Louie Crew
on the the Occasion of Receiving
a Doctor of Human Letters Degree

From One Hundred and Tenth Commencement, Friday, May 21, 2004, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, page 30

Louie Crew has spent his life at the intersection of academia and the Church. After graduating from Baylor University (B.A.) Louie continued his studies in English at Auburn (M.A.) and the University of Alabama (Ph.D.). His professorial career reads like a Who's Who of schools and colleges in the United States, England, and China. He is presently Emeritus Professor of English at Rutgers University where he taught from 1989-2002.

Throughout his life Louie Crew has cared deeply for the Church at large and the Episcopal Church in particular. He has been elected as a deputy to the General Convention four times, twice serving as Chair of the deputation. He has served two terms on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark, for two years as its president. He is presently a member of Executive Council of the Episcopal Church.

Though it is difficult to choose the most important contribution Louie Crew has given to the Church, his role as a communicator would surely stand out as one. He is a facilitator of dialogue and interchange through his extensive website, which covers almost all of the important topics presently debated at General Conventions and throughout the whole church. He has established many different organizations and networks, among them Integrity and the New Commandment Task Force, which have advocacy and reconciliation as their primary purposes. As a writer and speaker, he has contributed, in voluminous ways, to information sharing and to dialogue between groups with very different social and theological agendas.

Though always committed to communication and productive interchange about central issues facing the church and society, Louie Crew has faithfully and forcefully made his commitment and his stand clear. His promotion of the rights and privileges of gay and lesbian members of the church, to cite but one, has made a significant contribution to all who struggle with this issue.

For his efforts to bridge the worlds of academia and the Church, for his skill and tireless work as a communicator for and to the Church, for his life of advocacy in service to the Church, CDSP honors itself as it bestows upon Louie Crew the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.