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Louie Crew
377 S. Harrison Street, 12D
East Orange, NJ 07018

Phone: 973-395-1068 h


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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


The Guestbook of Louie Crew

The Guest Book of Louie Crew

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Seattle, WA

Dear Dr. Crew,
It was a pleasure to hear and meet you again during your visit to
Seattle and Trinity Church.  As I mentioned on parting the church I
had the pleasure of being part of a luncheon at St. Mark's Cathedral
that was planning for lobbying presence at the Legislature in Olympia
last year.
Earlier this year I was elected to our parish vestry of St. Paul's in
Bremerton as an openly gay man.  I see part of my mission as a bridge
between the glbtq community and the church.  St. Paul's has had a
good history in supporting our local gay community, housing their
office for a numbers of years, providing meeting space for Pflag and
other groups.
After a gap of 13 years and the recent creation of an HIV/AIDS
Foundation to serve the county we had a successful AIDS Walk last
month raising $25,000.  I organized a parish team and we raised over
$1,000.  It was a first for a faith community and I hope next year to
interest others to support the cause.
As you seem to be interested in many things theological, perhaps you
have met an old childhood friend, Richard A. Horsely, recently
retired from Boston University.  We both grew up in Silverdale, west
of Seattle.  Dick has written many book that I expect would be of
interest to you.
Again many thanks for your example, your work, and teaching.  Keep me
in your prayers that I may develop a greater sense of humor.  I fear
that is my greatest downfall.
Stanley Hess
Vestry, St. Paul's Bremerton
Former Board member OUTKITSAP
Museum Curator, Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum
(& retired sort of [grin])