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Louie Crew
377 S. Harrison Street, 12D
East Orange, NJ 07018

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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


The Guestbook of Louie Crew

The Guest Book of Louie Crew

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Cape Town, South Africa

Re: https://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/2grooms.html

Dear Louie

My word, what a pleasure to read "Two Grooms" just now. A friend of
mine pointed me to your website, really to see that he had been added
to your list of poetry publishers, and I followed the other links
when I saw the picture of you and Ernest in 1974. I was intrigued.

My nephew is gay (26 years old) and the first gay person in my
immediate family. It's been an interesting journey for us all, and
it breaks my heart to see his sweet little heart broken so often and
it seems to be a harsh gay world to live in as a young gay person
these days; but he is young and, as we all must, he must walk his
path and pick up the hints along the way, to making his life a
fulfilling one. I see so much of myself in him when I was his age,
the lost sense of feeling disassociated all the time, trying to "make
a success of myself", trying to please everyone who cared about
me.... But I have seemingly turned out ok in the end (I am 42 now)
so there's hope for him!

Why I'm telling you that is because, as an heterosexual woman who
adores men, I am always interested in how better to "understand"
being gay - but "understand" is not even the right word. It's more of
a fascination with what makes folks who they are, sometimes so very
different from me. There is possibly nothing I hold higher in my
value, striving and gratitude in my life than love, and what I so
appreciated about your piece was the clear love you have for one
another. How beautiful indeed.

Thank you for sharing with the world your experience as a person in
this crazy, beautiful, challenging (as it has to be otherwise we
don't grow) and rewarding world. If only more human beings and
married heterosexual couples were as level-headed as you two! I wish
I was married to you both!

Say hi to Ernest for me.

Lots of love
Ms Dwyn G

Ms Dwyn Griesel B.Mus Jazz Studies UCT 1992
Executive Director
"Igniting the Spirit"
A Non-Profit Music Academy integrating communities
Cape Town, South Africa
NPO#: 060-215
PBO#. 930031535
Tel: +27 82 3314062
"Stay true to yourself, keep your honour intact, do what you know is right even if it's inconvenient, and keep pressing forward no matter what other people say"
Dr. Dan Burisch
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