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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


Louie Crew's Natter [BLOG]

Louie Crew's Natter [BLOG]

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Glitches re: televising +Gene's invocation

  • Subject: Glitches re: televising +Gene's invocation
  • From: Louie Crew <>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 10:12:40 -0500

I certainly hope that our new president is not trying to micromanage
details of the audiovisual coverage of his consecration.  It would take far
more than glitches in that process to make me distrust him or to promote
suspicion and  distrust about him.  

Does anyone seriously suppose that behind the scenes Obama or one of his
top-level staff persons gave a command, "Cut the sound on the queer; keep
him in his place"?    Promoting that possibility requires a level of
cynicism that is extraordinarily unhealthy.

Even in places where it would win him no popularity, as a candidate Obama
persistently named lgbt persons as those whose rights are important.   He has
conversed with +Gene several times, and on one occasion asked +Gene what it
is like to be "the first."  Clearly Obama was thinking of how he himself 
was about to become the first.   

I am glad that Rachel Maddow and others with influence have tracked down the
source of the glitches.  I am glad that CNN will twice rebroadcast Sunday's
program today, careful to include +Gene's invocation.   A colleague has
pointed out to me that very likely the glitch will give much more notice to
+Gene than people would normally give to someone kick-starting a public
event with a prayer..

Writing with less than 2 hours until the 44th President is  official!


Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068
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