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Louie Crew
377 S. Harrison Street, 12D
East Orange, NJ 07018

Phone: 973-395-1068 h


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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


Louie Crew's Natter [BLOG]

Louie Crew's Natter [BLOG]

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Re: The King James Version of 1611

In 1976 WAGA-TV, Atlanta's CBS affiliate, hosted Baptist preacher the Rev.
Bob Spencer and me in debate on a program named "Confrontation."   At one
point I replied to Bob Spencer by clarifying the Greek term "arsenkotoi" in
Romans 1.  "I have never knowingly met a temple prostitute," I explained.

Spencer retorted,  'See, there they go again, attacking the King James
Version of the Bible!"

Shortly before the show was on the air, a gorgeous black cameraman had
placed the microphone on my lapel and whispered in my ear, "Sugar, I know
who you are and who your husband is.  You need not fear a thing.  I'll make
sure that the audience sees Mr. Spencer's every wart and zit."

Spencer needed no help in exposing them.

On Keith Avenue in Anniston, Alabama, neighbors sent a representative to
keep my parents occupied during the whole broadcast in case they should
happen to turn on the show and worry about what the neighbors would think.

Like the efforts of the cameraman, their effort was not needed:  my parents
did not have cable and could not watch stations in Atlanta.

One of the neighbors, later briefly a U.S. senator, called to say the entire
block loved my replies to Spencer.

In three more years Dad called and said, "I'd like to speak to my son,

"Dad, this is your son," I chuckled.   Both sets of parents had trouble
distinguishing us.  Apparently we sound a lot alike in the way we answer the

"No, Louie.  I'd like to speak to my other son."

Dad told Ernest that he and Mother were Christians but had not acted like
Christians when they refused ever to meet him.  Dad asked Ernest to forgive
them and invited the two of us to spend the weekend with them.  While we
were there, they had scheduled at least two dozen to drop by to meet
'Louie's partner.'   Some not invited chaffed  that they had not made the
inner circle.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.   I have seen the Holy Spirit happen.


Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, East Orange, NJ 07018. 973-395-1068