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Emeritus Professor
Rutgers University

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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


Publishers of Louie Crew (811)

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There are 811 publishers listed. Numbers in parentheses indicate separate items published by the same publisher for the 295 who have published more than once.

(m)other Tongues, )ism(, 101 Reasons to be Episcopalian (2), 10th Muse (2), 2GQ, 2nd Rapture (2), 2River Review, A Man Overboard, Academic Foundations Center: Occasional Papers, ACE Newsletter (4), Adagio, Advocate (9), AEGIS, Affair of the Mind (2), After You're Out: A Gay Survival Book, AfterNoon (7), Against the Wall, Aim Quarterly (2), Aireings, Alacran, Al-Fatiha, All Saints Website, Alternative Fiction & Poetry, Amelia (3), Amerasia Journal, American Dream: An Anthology, American Man (2), Anerca, Anglican Pages of Louie Crew (21), Another Chicago Magazine, Anthology of North American Ideophonics (2), Anything That Moves, Apple Valley Review: A Journal of Contemporary Literature, Apples and Oranges (3), Argo, Arizona English Bulletin (2), Art Voices/South, Artful Dodge, Asia Week, ATAC Newsletter, Atlanta Constitution, Auburn University Bulletin: The Graduate School: Abstracts, Axe Factory, Backspace: An Alternative Queer Zine, Barb (6), Barbecue Planet, Bard, Bare Nibs, Bay Windows, Beauty for Ashes, Beauty for Ashes Poetry Review, Before the Rapture, Black Bear Review (2), Black Buzzard (2), Black Buzzard Review (2), Black Men/White Men, Black Review (5), Black River Review, Black Times, Blair Reader, Blue Light Review, Blue Productions, Body Politic, Bone and Flesh, Book of Revelations, Both Sides Now (3), Bound By Diversity, Brave New Tick (6), Breath & Shadow (3), Brother, BSA Discrimination Organization, Buckle, Burning Cloud Review, By the Way, Cacanadadada Review, Calapooya Collage (2), California Quarterly, Callings, Calliopes Corner (2), Camellia, Canadian Dimension, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine (2), Canticle of Mary, Careful Writing/Thoughtful Writing, Castaways, Catalyst, Cathartic, Cat's Eye (2), Caught in the Net (2), Caveat Lector, Censored Poets, Centrifugal Eye (2), Change Magazine, Changing Attitude Newsletter, Changing Men (2), Chanticleer (2), Chicago Gay Life, Children, Churches, and Daddies (2), Chiron Review (4), Choice (3), Christ Church Call, Christian Century, Christian New Age Quarterly, Christianity & Crisis (7), Christianity for the Third Millenium [CTM], Christianity for the Third Millennium, Christians Writing, Christopher Street, Chronicle of Higher Education, Church Publishing Company (2), Churchman, Claflin Clarion, Clay Tablet (2), Coffeehouse Poets' Quarterly, Cokefish (3), Coleridge In Memoriam, College Composition and Communication (3), College English (14), Collegiate Microcomputer, Colorado Quarterly, Coloring Book: An Eclectic Anthology of Fiction & Poetry by Multicultural Writers, Combating Heterosexism: Strategies That Work, Comment (2), Comparative Education Review, Computers & Composition (2), Computerworld, Comrades (2), Concrete Wolf, Conditioned Response (2), Confrontation, Connecticut Poetry Review (2), Contact II (7), Conte, Context South (2), Couples and Careers, Covenant (4), Covenant: Newsletter of Christ Church in Ridgewood, Coyote Magazine, Crawlspace (2), Cross, Culture, Cz Magazine, Daily Blotter, Dark Horse, Dark Waters, Data Boy, Daughters of Sarah, Day Tonight/Night Today, Dealing With Difference, DECO, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle (7), Defenestration (3), Defenestration Magazine, Dekalb Literary Arts Journal (2), Deviance, Deviant Lit (2), Dial-A-Poem, Diarist's Journal, Dignity/Integrity Mid-Hudson (4), DioLog, Dispatch, Dissertation Abstracts International, Do Justice Series, Don't Hang Up, Dragon Disks (17), Dream Forge, Duluth News-Tribune, Each & All, Earth's Daughters (2), Eavesdropping on My Students, Eclectica (2), EDS Prayers for General Convention, Egorag (2), Electric Acorn (2), Ellensburg Anthology, Empathy (3), Empirical Research in the Theatre, En Theos, English as a Discipline, or is There a Plot in This Play?, English in the 2-Year College, English Record, English Society, English Teaching Forum, Enterzone, Episcopal Church, Episcopal Life (7), Episcopal News, Episcopal News Service, Episcopal Voice, Episcopalian (5), Epson Lifeboat, ERIC, ETC Publications, Evening to Celebrate the Ministry of Dr. Pamela P. Chinnis, Evergreen Chronicles (4),, Ex Animo (6), Ex Umbris (2), Exercise Exchange, Exit 13, Expressive Spirals (2), Faculty Forum (3), Faculty Forum [of University of Wisconsin/SP], Fag Rag (5), Fall Down/Get Up (19), Famous Last Words (2), Farsight (5), Feh! Journal of Odious Poetry, Fellowship, Feminist Parenting, Fennel Stalk (2), Fiat Lux, Fields of the Avatars, Fifth Freedom (2), First Hand (5), Flair, Florida English Journal (2), Florida Journal of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Fluent Ascension (3), Focus, Fodderwing (2), Foghorn (4), Foglight (11), For Better or For Worse: An Anthology About Marriage and Other Foibles. Poet Works Press, Forever Underground Magazine, Forms of the Essay, Fort Valley State College Bulletin (2), Free Verse Poetry Journal, Friends of Poetry Chapbook, Frigg (4), Frigg Magazine, From Thought to Theme, Frying Pan (3), FusionInk (3), G. W. Review, Gai Saber (2), Gaiety, GALA Review (2), Ganymedia (6), Gateavisa, Gathering Community, GAU/Chicago Newsletter, Gay Academic (2), Gay Academic Union Convention Program, 1983, Gay Center News, Gay Christian [U. K.], Gay Christian [U.K.] (2), Gay Christian [U.S.A.], Gay Christian Witness, Gay Community News, Gay Images (4), Gay Insurgent, Gay Literature (2), Gay Nineties: Contemporary Gay Fiction, Gay Place (3), Gay Studies Newsletter (2), Gay Sunshine, Gay Teachers Association Newsletter (2), (11), Gayspring (4), Gaysweek, General Seminary of the Episcopal Church, General Theological Seminary Website, Giants Play Well in the Drizzle, Gifted by Otherness, Gin Bender, Gingerbread Diary, Glass Tesseract, GLBT - Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender News of Greater Cincinnati (2), GLBT News, Good News, GPU News (4), Grace Notes (10), Grand Lake Review (5), Grapevine (4), Gray Day Magazine, Gray Temple's ~Gay Unions: In the Light of Scripture, Tradition and Reason~, Grondswell, Gruene Street (2), Gypsy (2), Hale (3), Handsel, Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, Hawaii Pacific Review (2), Haworth Press, HeadLight Journal, Heat, Hemenway Herald, Hepcat's Revenge (2), Higginson Journal of American Poetry, Hiram Poetry Review, History of the Welcoming Movement, Hodge Podge, Home Planet News, Honey, Let's Talk about the Queens' English, Hong Kong Computer Journal, Hong Kong Public Libraries Office, Howling Mantra, Human Quest, Human Sexuality, Humanist, Hurricane Alice (2), Hurricane Alice: A Feminist Quarterly, Ice River, Identity (2), Illinois Schools Journal, Illogical Muse (4), Impetus, In a Family Way, In Celebration, In Unity, Independent School, Inside Joke, Insight (5), Integer (5), Integrator (3), Integrity, Integrity Forum (14), Integrity Handbook, Integrity Heartland Voice, Integrity in Virginia (2), Integrity Informer, Integrity News & Notes (9), Integrity San Diego Newsletter, Integrity Twin Cities, Integrity Vancouver Newsletter, Integrity, Inc. (2), Integrity/Austin News (8), Integrity/Austin Newsletter, Integrity/Houston, Integrity/Memphis, Integrity/NYC, Integrity/Toronto, Integrity/Vancouver Newsletter, Integrity/Virginia (3), Integrity/Western Massachusetts Newsletter, Integrity: Gay Episcopal Forum (11), Integrity-Memphis, Interchange, Interface (5), International Assignment, International Gay and Lesbian Review, InterText, Interweave, Issue One, Issues (2), It, Ithuriel's Spear (3), James White Review (4), Jaw Magazine, Johannesburg Osborne Group Disk Library, Joint Liaison Group, Journal of Advanced Composition, Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services (2), Journal of Homosexuality (2), Journal of Leisure Research, Journal of New Jersey Poets (2), Journal of Physical Education, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Journey, Jubilate Deo (2), Jukebox Terrorists... (3), Jump River Review, Kairos (2), Kansas English, Karamu, Kaspah Raster, Kick It Over (3), Kindred Spirit (5), Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Koinonia (5), Label (4), Lake Superior Quarterly, Lambda Resources Center for the Blind., Laughing Boy Review (2), Lavender Mansions: 40 Contemporary Lesbian and Gay Stories, Lavender Special, Lead, Follow or Move Out of the Way, Leader-Tribune [Fort Valley, Georgia], Leaven, Lesbian & Gay Christians, Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter, Letters Magazine, Level, LGLC Newsletter (2), Life Studies, Lifestyles Poetry Journal (2), Ligature, Lil's Experimental EZine (3), Linden Lane Magazine, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Literary Markets, Literature Around the Globe, Little Flower Magazine (2), Little Magazine, Littoral (3), Living Church (5), Living Reality, Lodestar Quarterly, Lookout, Lost Beat Poetry (2), Lotus Press, Louie Crew's Anglican Pages (29), Louie Crew's Anligcan Pages (6), Louie Crew's LGBT Web Pages (3), Louie Crew's Website, Louisiana English Journal, Lovechild, Loving Alternatives Magazine, Loving Brotherhood, Loving Testimony: Remembering Loved Ones Lost to AIDS, Lowe Prose & Poetics (2), Lucid Moon (3), Lucky Star, Lumpy Head, Lutheran Forum, Lutheran's Concerned, M: Gentle Men for Gender Justice (2), M[oving] O[ut], Macon Courier, Macon News [Georgia.] , MACT Information Bulletin, Maelstrom, Magic Mountain, Mainely Gay (7), Making the Point (2), Making Waves (7), Malchus, Maledicta, Mandate, Manifest, Marginal Notes (10), Margins (2), Margins: Review of Little Mags and Small Press Books (4), Maryland Poetry Review, Meghdutam, Men Freeing Men (3), Men Talk, Metanoia, Metropolitan Forum, Midnight Lessons (12), Midwest Gay Academic Journal, Midwest Quarterly, Minotaur (3), Mission Bell, Mixed Bag, Modern Liturgy (2), Mom...Guess What!, Moon-Lit Path (4), More Light (4), More Light Prayers, More Light Update (4), Morehouse Publishers, Morena (2), Morning Star Literary Journal, Mouth of the Dragon (3), Mozart Park (2), Mr. Magnanimous, Multicultural Teaching, Multitude: Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, Muse Letter, My First Story, My First Poem: An Anthology, NA/BWMT: The Journal, NABWMT Journal (8), Nahant Bay, National Council of Teachers of English (3), Negative Capability (2), Network News (2), Nevertheless (3), New Hope International, New Letters, New Magazine (2), New Men, New Minds: Breaking Male Tradition, New Poetry (3), New Review of Books and Religion (2), New Sins, New Times, New Verse News (2), New Voice of Nebraska (3), New Ways Project (2), New Yinzer, New York Culture Review (6), News & Notes (2), News Jersey, News of Integrity El Camino Real (3), News of Integrity/Camino Real, Newsletter of Black and White Men Together/San Francisco Bay Area, Newsletter of BWMT/Milwaukee, Newsletter of BWMT/San Francisco, Newsletter of Dignity/Integrity Rochester, NY, Newsletter of Dignity/Integrity/Mid-Hudson, Newsletter of the Church and Society, North Jersey Episcopal City Mission. Stay in the City: A Report of the Urban Hearings, Northland Quarterly (4), Northwest Fountain, Notes on Teaching English (3), Now and Then (2), NPR: Morning Edition, Nurturing Journal (2), Oasis, Occasional Screenful, Off Our Backs (2), Off the Rocks, Old Hickory Review, On the Bluffs, Online Writings By and About John Preston, Onthebus, Open Lines: Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time, Opossum Holler Tarot (5), Orange Room Review, Orphan Leaf, Ostentatious Mind (2), Ostraka (2), Other Side, Other Voice (5), Our Horizons, Out of Line: Fiction, Poetry, Essays: Themes of Justice and Peace, OUT! (6), Outlook (22), Outspirit, Owen Wister Review, Pacific Bridge (2), Painted Bride Quarterly, Palo Alto Review, Pandaloon, Pangloss Papers (7), Panic! Poetry and the Arts (3), Panic! Brixton Poetry (5), Paragraph, Parnassus, Parsonage News, Paterson Literary Review (2), Patterns, PAVE (2), Pawpars (5), PBW (3), Peachite (2), Peaks, Pen & Sword (3), Penniless Press (3), Pennsylvania English, Perigee (2), Perimeter, Persistent Mirage (2), pettycoat relaxer, Phaedrus, Philadelphia Gay News, Philia (2), Phoenix, Phylon: Journal of Race and Culture, Pierian Springs, Pif: Online journal (4), Pinchpenny, Pink Cadillac (2), Plastic Tower, Plumbline (2), Poet Lore, Poet News (2), Poetalk, Poetessa, Poetic Dreamer, Poetically Speaking (6), Poetry East, Poetry Explosion Newsletter, Poetry Forum, Poetry Kit (5), Poetry Kit Magazine, Poetry Kite Anthology, Poetry Magic, Poetry Midwest (2), Poetry 'n Prose, Poetry Super Highway (3), Poetrykit Anthology, (4), Poet's Cut (2), Poet's Forum (2), Poet's Page, Poet's Park, Pogonip the eZine (2), Pointer, Politics & Education, Portable Companion (2), Portable Computer, Portage, Postcards from the Edge (3), Prairie Flame, Prayers to Protest, Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on New Concepts in Higher Education, Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on the Small City and Regional Community, Professional, Progressive Caucus, Progressive Composition (4), Progressive Composition Newsletter, Prop, Province II News, Public [software] Library Newsletter, Pulsar (2), Pyramid Periodical: Journal for Gay People of Color, Quarterly, Quean Lutibelle's Pew (48), Queer Poetry, Queer Resources Directory (5), Queers! For Christ's Sake! (38), Quiet Feather, Quotations From Soc.Motss Postings, Race and Prayer, Radical Teacher (2), Rag Shock (3), Rain Dog Review, Raizirr, Ransom, Rave Review (2), Reach Magazine, Reading for Difference: Texts on Gender, Race, and Class, Real Eight, Red River Review (3), Reed, Reparations Task Force of the Diocese of Newark (2), Resources in Education (3), Resources in Education (ERIC), RFD (12), Rhino, RIF/T (2), River Styx, (2), Roslyn Conference Center, Diocese of Virginia, Ruach (2), Rural Gays and Lesbians (2), SAGA, Sage of Consciousness, Samisdat (3), Samsara (3), San Diego Update (2), Sandcutters, Saturday Review, Schmaga, Science Fiction Collections in Rumanian, Scorched Earth Publications, Scroll (3), Sea of Stories Issue: The Shaping of Power of Narrative in Gay and Lesbian Cultures, Seams (2), SEAnet News (6), Second Stone (4), Seeker Magazine (4), Self and Society, (3), Sermon on March 11, 2007 , Service for Prayer for the Unity of the Church, Seven Stars Poetry (2), SFI (2), Sheaf, Shooting Star Review, Short Fuse (2), SIECUS Reports, Sign of the Times (2), Signal, Signal Network International, Silent But Deadly, Silver Wings (4), Situation, Skeptic Files, Skyline (3), Slipstream, Slow Dancer (2), Small Magazine Review, Small Press Review (6), Small-Town Gay: Essays on Family Life Beyond the Big City , Snakeskin (3), Sneerzine, sniffy linings press (2), Social Alternatives, Song (3), Sonus Vocis (3), Sound the Call, South 666 Bitch (2), South China Morning Post (2), South Dakota Episcopal Church News (2), South Florida Poetry Review, South Georgia College, Southern Exposure (2), Southern Humanities Review (2), Southern Wisconsin Episcopal Life, Speaking of Words, Sphinx, Spirit That Moves Us, Spokenwar, SPSM&H (Amelia), St. Jame's Episcopal Church/Austin, TX, St. Michael's News [UK], Standing Commission on Human Affairs, Statement, Stet Magazine, Stony Hills, Studio (5), (3), Sunspots (34), Surburban Wilderness Press, Swallow's Tale Magazine, Swell Magazine (2), SWestern Episcopalian, Swish (3), Swish Publications (2), Switched on Gutenberg, Switched-on Gutenberg, Sword of Shahrazad (3), Synapses, Synapses Newsletter, Syngress Publishing, T[exas] G[ay/] L[esbian] T[ask] F[orce] News, TAK TAK TAK (3), Talkwork, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry (2), Tapestries, Telephone, TESOL Newsletter, The Anteater Reader Ninth Edition, The Epistle (3), The Evangel, The Exploding Chicken Fiasco, The Fossil Record, The Penpoint View, The Real Eight View, The Record, The Voice, The Witness (2), Thermopylae, Thesis Eleven, Thirst, Three Candles (2), Three Rivers Voice (2), Thunder Sandwich (2), Thursday Stories (2), Thursday-People News, Timber Creek Review, Tinderbox, Tipton Poetry Journal, Toe Tree Journal (3), Tomorrow Magazine, Touchstone Magazine, Transitions, Transmog, Transparent Words (2), Tsunami, Turning the Tide (2), Turntable + Blue Light/Red Bat (3), TwIntegrity (7), Unexpected (4), United in Grace E-news Letter, Up Against the Wall, Mother, Valley Women's Voice, Variant, Vector, Vice Versa, Victorian Newsletter, Violent Virgins, Virginia Episcopalian, Virtue Online, Visions, Voice (11), Voice of Integrity (47), Voice of Integrity~ [was ~Integrity Forum], Voice of the Turtle (2), Voices of the Seventies: Manroot, Vox Clamantis (2), VS.: An Online Journal of Deliberative Poetry, Vulcan: A Literary Dis-allusion (2), Walking With Integrity, Ward 6 Review, Washington Diocese, Way: Catholic Viewpoints, WCNJ, Weatherglass, Whimperbang (2), Whole Earth Review, Whosoever (12), Wiggansnatch, Wilde Oaks (2), Win (10), Wind (3), Windfall, Windhover, Windless Orchard, Windows: Exploring Personal Values Through Reading and Writing, Winewood, Wingspan, Wired Art from Wired Hearts (3), wiredhearts (3), Wisconsin Academy Review (2), Wisconsin Light, Witness (25), Witness Magazine (17), Woodrose, Word Fires, Words for Today 2005, Words for Today 2007, World Wide Web, Writer's Advantage, Writer's Choice (3), Writers in Waiting Newsletter, Writer's Ink, Writers on Writing, (3), Xtra Magazine, Z Miscellaneous, Zafusy, Zap Inc., Zero One, Zest, Zone Magazine (3)


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