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Reflections and Visions of Anglican Pilgrims

Note: Items are in reverse chronology of their being posted here, the most recent items coming first.

  1. The Kingdom of Heaven. By The Rev. Alma Beck
  2. A List of the Most Common Names for Episcopal Churches, Compiled by Fr. Chris Yaw
  3. Changed and Transformed by the Blessings of Life, by the Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton
  4. Emmanuel: A Christmas Reflection, by The Rev. Paul Woodrum.
  5. Unity Amidst Disunity, by The Rev. Dennis J. Parker
  6. The Diaconate, by The Rev. J. Carr Holland
  7. I am the vine, you are the branches: A sermon for Sakia by The Rev. Elizabeth M. Kaeton
  8. Road Crossing Moratorium Advised by Paul Woodrum and Foghorn Leghorn, Esq.
  9. Sermon For My Colleagues On The Occasion Of The Reaffirmation Of Our Ordination Vows by The Rev. Pam Bakal
  10. Palm Sunday: It Is Not a Pretty Picture by The Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson
  11. The Church of Tomorrow: A Traditionalist's Perspective. By the Rev. Susan Russell
  12. The Dazzling Dark--Reflections on the Columbia Disaster and the Feast of the Purification of Mary. By the Rev. Dr. Diana Beach.
  13. Kingdom Revisited. By The Reverend Paul R. Abernathy
  14. How to Avoid the Charge of Homophobia. By Roy Clements
  15. I am the vine, you are the branches. Convocation address for the Diocese of Rio Grande by Rt. Rev. Alden Hathaway, retired Bishop of Pittsburgh
  16. Albert Stephen Dula, R. I. P.. Requiem sermon by The Rev. Alan French.
  17. Is This Evangelism? by The Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton.
  18. Is There Anything to Celebrate about Matthew Shepard's Brutal and Agonizing Death? by Fr. Tony Clavier
  19. Mermaids in the Vineyard by the Rev. Susan Russell
  20. To err is human, to forgive is out of the question by The Rev. Dr. John Lane Denson
  21. Contra Weinbergium: Steven Weinberg, ++Rowan Williams, and Ernest Gellner on fundamentalism and liberalism by T. Peter Park
  22. Get Facts Straight Before Calling a Nation Christian by The Rev. Daniel J. Webster, Communications Officer for the Diocese of Utah.
  23. Phillips Brooks and Helen Keller by The Rev. Barbara Crafton
  24. The Octararo Anti-War Manifesto -- a poem by The Rev. Dr. Mark Harris
  25. Hard Hearts, Minds On Faith's Front Line By Daniel J. Webster
  26. Contrasting gay responses to remarks about the Lambeth Conference as attributed to +Rowan Williams, the new 104th Archbishop of Canterbury
  27. Can I Join You?, The Rev. Michael Hopkins
  28. Neither Death, Nor Life, Nor Angels.... by The Rev. Susan Russell
  29. Not Peace, but a Sword, by Patrick A. Hunt.
  30. What Are Homosexuals Good For? or Gaiety as a Family Value by Dr. James Carson.
  31. The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls
  32. It Is No Accident We Are Here! By The Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson, a sermon at the installation of The Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton as rector of St. Paul's, Chatham, NJ
  33. Butting Heads. By The Rev. John R. Clarke
  34. The Mission to Love God and to Bring the Love of God to All People. By The Very Reverend Donald W. Krickbaum
  35. Building Trust Among Christians, Jews and Muslims. By The Very Reverend Donald W. Krickbaum
  36. Bogart by the Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton
  37. The Spiritual Gift of Hospitality by the Rev. J. Michael Povey.
  38. "Bowling Alone" A Review & Reflection William A. Potter
  39. An Anglican Ethos. By The Rev. Tony Clavier
  40. On the Feast of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martyr. By Deacon Tim Ervolina
  41. Things Done and Left Undone. By The Rev. Steve Snider
  42. White Swans and Black. By Nathaniel Brown
  43. Shut Doors and Open Wounds. By Professor Cynthia Gilliatt
  44. Spiritual Leadership During a Time of Controversy. By the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Tolliver.
  45. Sermon for Earth Day. By The Rev. Franklin E. Vilas
  46. I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. By the Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton
  47. What I Believe. By The Rev. Ernest Cockrell
  48. The Sacrament of Servanthood. By The Rev. Susan Russell
  49. Response to Charges of Apostacy. By The Rev. Ernest Cockrell
  50. True Love's True Form: The Gospel According to Shrek. By Dylan Breuer
  51. Crazy Religion - the Anglican Way by the Rev. Tony Clavier
  52. Companionship in Mission by The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Tolliver
  53. And he was transfigured before them... by The Rev. Mary Goshert
  54. Is Satan the exclusive domain of HBO and the FOX network? by The Revd. Dr. Andrew McGowan
  55. What Does a White Person Have To Say About Racism? By The Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson
  56. A Little Church Around the Corner. Rambling Reflections on Religious Pluralism by T. Peter Park
  57. "The Santa Candle" Sermon. By The Rev. Susan Russell.
  58. The Bethlehem Disconnect. By the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Toliver.
  59. Shekinah - The God of Glory. By the Rev. Canon Elizabeth M. Kaeton
  60. Give Me Jesus. By The Rev. Dr. Richard Tolliver.
  61. The End of the World. By The Rev. Dr. Richard Tolliver.
  62. Called Upon to Explain Religious Convictions and Beliefs. By Ron Chaplin.
  63. CREDO 2001 (Draft #2). By Anthony Galvin.
  64. ALL are WELCOME here, especially:. By Anthony Galvin
  65. We Have Taliban Too. By The Rev. Tony Clavier.
  66. Bishop Ben Benitez and Terry Waite Discuss the War in Afghanistan Last addition to this discussion was on 11/12/2001
  67. Does the Bible Actually Say Anything About Homosexuality? By the Rev Canon Bill Morrison
  68. Being in Control in an Out-of-Control Situation. By the Rev. Anthony Guillén
  69. Three Weeks After the Day the World Changed. By Kathryn George
  70. Christ's Message Knows No Borders or Limits. By The Rev. Pablo Ramos
  71. This is the story of my resurrection. By Jocelyn Tichenor.
  72. Breathe on me, breath of God. By The Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Vilas
  73. Friendly Advice to my Successor: On Being a Bishop Suffragan. By Rt. Rev. Onell A. Soto, Assistant Bishop of Alabama
  74. But can God help? He didn't stop this happening. By The Rev. Canon Robert Gage
  75. Something New and Unheard Of. By Nathaniel Brown.
  76. Whistling in the Dark: Praying for Your Enemies. By The Rev. Canon Elizabeth M. Kaeton.
  77. How Can Anyone Reject a Child?. By Michael E. Meyer.
  78. Be Alert! By Richard Thieme.
  79. Adagio: Ground Zero. By The Rev. Dorsey McConnell
  80. Wrestling a Blessing from Tragedy. By The Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson.
  81. Ceramic Episcopalian. By Kristin Fontaine
  82. And the master commended the dishonest manager. By The Rev. Jack Zamboni
  83. "Fear: It is Real! by The Rev. Dr. Richard Tolliver.
  84. Conversations about 'where was ECUSA' September 11 etc. By The Rev. Steve Giovangelo
  85. Stella's Song: A Celebration of Women in the Midst of the War on Terrorism. By The Rev'd Canon Elizabeth Kaeton.
  86. Grappling with Tuesday's Terrorist Attacks. By The Very Rev'd Thomas C.H. Scott
  87. On the Mystery of Evil. By The Rev. Dr. Richard Tolliver
  88. Bomb Them with Butter; Bribe Them with Hope by Anonymous
  89. Embracing Alternatives to Our Fear and Anger by Very Rev. Robert Taylor

    Prayer for The Missing Stranger

    Ever-living God, the Origin and Sustainer of all life, the Refuge of the distressed, out of the depths of our sorrow we turn to you.

    To your care, All-Knowing God, we commend the fates of those we know and those we do not. Give us confidence that though they are missing, their whereabouts are no mystery to you. Though many of the lost are strangers to us, we know they are known to you. Warm them with your loving embrace. Hold all those who are lost and all who grieve.

    Give us assurance that your presence is constant as we swing among doubt, fear and despair. Renew us when our hope falters. We cling to our faith that your countenance shines on us all and will illumine our darkest moments. Give us strength to learn the worst. Teach us practices of forgiveness. Give us courage to hope for all that your Son has promised. Amen.

    K. Amato-von Hemert, Ph.D.

  90. Let's focus on 24/7, not 20/20. By Julie A. Wortman
  91. tears... a reflection; plus my latest South Africa trip to the World Conference Against Racism. By Ethan Flad
  92. Homily for Newark's Eucharist for Peace and Remembrance. By Rt. Rev. John P. Croneberger
  93. Things Seen and Unseen: A Question of Faith. By the Rev. Canon Elizaeth M. Kaeton.
  94. A Meeting at the Mosque. By the Rev. James Lee Walker
  95. Grief, Terror, Rage and Love: The Aftermath of September 11th By S. Dylan Breuer
  96. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. A response to the destruction of the World Trade Center by The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler
  97. If Someone Slaps You: Racism from One African Person's Point of View. By Sybille Ngo Nyeck
  98. Christianity is a Green Religion. By The Rt. Rev. Alden Hathaway, Bishop of Pittsburgh, Retired
  99. Choose Life! By The Very Rev'd Thomas C.H. Scott, D. Min.
  100. Not just the ones that look like us, act like us or form relationships like us. By The Rev. Susan Russell
  101. Preaching on Sodom and Gomorrah by The Rev. Mary L. Goshert.
  102. Living By Yesterday's Truths by The Rev. Richard Rehm
  103. The Sin of Sodom by The Very Rev'd Thomas C.H. Scott, D. Min.
  104. Ampersand by The Rev. Dr. John Lane Denson
  105. Thinking in a Cosmic Way, Reflections by Sybille Ngo Nyeck
  106. Telling the Truth about Gay Pride by Gordon Johnson.
  107. Shelter by the Rev. Stephen B. Snider
  108. Mobilization and Transnational Advocacy Networking in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion by Ann McClenahan
  109. Preaching Peace by Rt. Rev. Michael Hare Duke, Scotland
  110. The Opposite of Love by The Rev. Canon Elizabeth M. Kaeton
  111. What Keeps Us Together by Patrick Hunt
  112. When the Vagrants become Vigilantes: The Anglican Mission in America and Lawlesness by The Rev. Dr. Mark Harris.
  113. Celebration of the Life of the Rev. Pauli Murray by The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville
  114. Homosexuals in the Church by Nathaniel Brown
  115. REGARDED AS ONE: Why the movement from maintenance to mission is not enough by the Rev. Dr. Mark Harris
  116. Equipping the Saints by The Rev. Susan Russell
  117. Gay People Have a Right to Come in out of the Rain by The Rev. Tony Clavier
  118. The Prodigal Son from the Older Brother's Point of View by the Rev. J. Michael Povey
  119. The Resurrection of Life on the Earth by The Rev. Dr. Robert Kinloch Massie
  120. A Letter to jj by Nathaniel Brown
  121. The Bonds of Peace: A Plea from the President of Integrity Prior to the Primates Meeting of March 2001
  122. Is You Da One? A Sermon for the Season of Reconciliation, by the Rev'd Canon Elizabeth Kaeton
  123. To Avoid the Certainties of an Innocent III by Rt. Rev. Michael Hare Duke, Retired Bishop of St. Andrew's, Scotland
  124. Chocolate as Epiphany by The Rev. Dr. Helen R. Betenbaugh
  125. A Sermon on Sexuality by The Reverend Thomas Morris
  126. In Gratitude to the Holy Spirit by Debbie East.
  127. Comment on To Mend the Net by Dr. Ken Clark
  128. 'The Centre Cannot Hold'? by Lee Tuck-Leong
  129. The Rev. Canon Gene Robinson's Sermon at the Millennium March on Washington
  130. Privatized Spirituality as a Retreat from Gospel Imperatives by Rt. Rev. Robert Ihloff, Bishop of Maryland
  131. Memo of Ephraim Radner and John Peterson to the Bishop of Colorado
  132. Power in the Church: Prelates, Confessions, Anglicans, the Arnold Lecture, by Most Rev. Michael Peers, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada
  133. The Gospel is always bad news before it is good news by The Rev. Dr. John Lane Denson.
  134. One Day's Prayers by the Rev. Steven Snider, neighboring rector to Good Shepherd Rosemont
  135. The American Anglican Council Launches Fund Appeal With $200K Matching Funds from Anti-Gay Zealot by Jack H. Taylor, Jr.
  136. God Is Asking Us Today to be in the World by Most Rev. Patrice Byanka Njojo, Archbishop of Congo
  137. A FOURTH WAY: On the Anglican Communion as an Ecumenical Fellowship by The Rev. Mark Harris, D. Min
  138. Sex and the BCP 1928 by James Edward Mackay
  139. The Rector's Ruminations by The Rev. Dr. Harold Lewis, Calvary Church, Pittsburgh
  140. What God Has Joined Together by The Rev. Dr. Diana Lee Beach
  141. What therefore God has joined together, let no one put asunder. By the Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton.
  142. Homily Grits. A series of revolutionary sermons by the Rev. Grant M. Gallup, Managua, Nicaragua.
  143. American Anglican Council Faltering in Revenue, Membership by Jack H. Taylor, Jr.
  144. Anyone who would be first must be last, and servant of all by The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton
  145. Do Not Forbid Him by The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton
  146. A Prayer of Acceptance & Love by Phil Ferrara, Sr.
  147. Rocks of Ages. A review of Stephen Jay Gould's book, by Nat Brown
  148. No Holy Communion for you, Buddy! by the Rev. Robert Cromey
  149. A Celebration of Holy Union Lee Alison Crawford and Anne Clarke Brown
  150. On the 'Continuing Churches' of Anglicanism , a response to Forward in Faith's "Declaration" by The Rev. Tony Clavier, an Episcopal priest who served 25 years as a bishop in a 'continuing church'
  151. Called to Common Mission by the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Tolliver.
  152. Behold, the Face of God by the Rev. Susan Russell
  153. The Church and Human Sexuality by the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Tolliver.
  154. Healing Homosexuals: The Advice of St. Augustine by Dr. Daniel Beck
  155. Reclaiming Our Spiritual Legacy as Transgendered People by Dr. Pauline Park
  156. A Man's Journey: To Be Fully Alive by The Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson.
  157. PaMater, God as Heavenly Parent by the Rev. Ray Mesler
  158. Schism? On scripture and experience as criteria by THe Rev. Dr. L. William Countryman
  159. Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Commencement Address at Brandeis University, May 2000
  160. This Is My Commandment by The Rev. Susan Russell
  161. What Will Make or Break This Church? by Jim Shumard
  162. It is by suffering that we learn by the Rt. Rev. Onell Soto
  163. A pastoral letter from the rector. The rector of St. Paul's in Philadelphia discusses his decision to bless a lbg couple.
  164. To Whom It May Concern, an open letter by April Cochran in response to Jerry Falwell.
  165. Pilate Speaks, by The Rev. Jan Nunley
  166. Come Home! The Rev. Michael Povey, on Palm Sunday 2000.
  167. This is our story, this is our song, by Susan Robinson, Lay Professionals Liturgy
  168. We Wish to See Jesus by the Rev. Susan Russell
  169. Excerpt from sermon "The Light of Christ" by The Dr. Rev. William Guthrie
  170. Window on Main Street: 0003 by The Rev. Jan Nunley.
  171. Quid bonum episcoporum? by Dr. Daniel Beck
  172. Reflections onSugaring and John Spong by The Rev. Eleanor McLaughlin
  173. Executive Council Report to Diocesan Convention by The Rev. John D. Lane
  174. Comfortable Words by The Rev. Jan Nunley.
  175. Valentines for Us All by The Rev. Mark Harris
  176. The Ontogeny of Christians' Current Struggles by Deborah Gavrin Frangquist.
  177. Proverbs by Roger Olien
  178. No One Has Seen God by Ted Mellor
  179. Working on the Meaning of the Sacred in Relationships by Rev. Francis X Walter
  180. TheM Exiles: Will America's churches ever accept homosexuality?. A multimedia presentation by Colleen O'Conner, at the site of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.
  181. An Acceptable Model for Human Community by The Rev. Grant Mauricio Gallup, missioner in Managua, Nicaragua.
  182. A Church for the Third Millennium by The Rev. Katherine Merrell Glenn. A Sermon preached at the Institution of The Rev. Nina Stasser as Rector of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Glenwood Springs, Colorado,
  183. The Gospel According to Jesse Ventura by the Rev. Michael Povey. Disagrees with Jesse Ventura.
  184. On Minding Your Own Business: Religion in Daily Life by the Rev. Dr. Edward Chinn. Agrees with Jesse Ventura.
  185. The Revd You-Leng Lim writes to The Most Reverend Moses Tay
  186. Things that anyone considering calling a priest should be sensitive to, by the Rev. John Quintard.
  187. Bruce Garner's letter to Archbishop Moses Tay
  188. Mary: Standing on the Promises. By Ted Mellor.
  189. Yet Another Violent Tragedy Involving Guns in America. By The Rev. Jan Nunley
  190. Mary Magdalene: Virgin and Whore. By Audrey Woods.
  191. Beyond Inclusion, Making the Justice Connection, a review of the Beyond Inclusion conference by Br. David Dalton, Mercy of God Community, Pastoral Care Coordinator.
  192. Letter from Bruce Garner to Todd Wetzel regarding Episcopalian United's abusive fund-raising letter, July 1999.
  193. Are You a Fundamentalist? by the Rt. Rev. Frank Allan, Bishop of Atlanta.
  194. A First Point about Evangelism, by The Rev. Grant M. Gallup.
  195. Guess Who's Coming to God's Dindin, by Louie Crew, an essay suppressed in the Diocese of Texas.
  196. Sermon at the Eucharist for Human Rights, by the Rev. Geoffrey M. St.J. Hoare, All Saints, Atlanta (preached on June 24th)
  197. Our Creation in the Image of God. Sermon at Grace Cathedral on Trinity Sunday 1999 by Rt. Rev. William Smalley, Bishop of Kansas.
  198. Marching Orders. By Susan Russell. Sermon preached before Christopher Street West Eucharist at the Parade for the 100+ marchers from the Diocese of Los Angeles.
  199. Address to the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, by The Most Revd Richard Holloway, The Primus
  200. Witnessing to Province 4 Synod, by Bruce Garner.
  201. And they are breathing out violence, by Louie Crew.
  202. It Is God Who Gives Us a Future, by Dr. Fredrica Harris Thompsett.
  203. Re: fornication: Whores and Concubines, by the Rev. Grant Mauricio Gallup.
  204. The Three-Legged Stool, by The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton.
  205. Lambeth: A Modest Proposal, by Ted Mellor
  206. Those Who Abide in Me, by The Rev. Michael Hopkins, President of Integrity.
  207. The Hard Path of Christ and the Easy Path of Being Right, by The Rev. Robert C. Morris
  208. Littleton and the Judgment of God, by The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon
  209. Out of Focus, Love Demands Its Own Way, by Jonathan Merrill Cole
  210. God's Ridiculous Love, Sermon at the conclusion of the Beyond Inclusion Conference preached at St. Bart's in NYC by the rector, The Rev. Bill Tully.
  211. Sermon by the Rt. Rev. Walter Righter (Ret.), VII Bishop of Iowa, at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, Texas
  212. Heartburn, by Anita Milne
  213. Kosovo Sermon, by the Rev. Jan Nunley, Providence, R. I.
  214. Responses by The Reverend John T Arms IV to the invitation by the Board of Trustees of The Virginia Theological Seminary to comment on the Seminary Policy on sexual behavior
  215. Lazarus, come out! The Rev. Nancy A. Vogele
  216. The profligate love of God.. Revd. J. Michael Povey
  217. Palm Sunday in Arizona, Rt. Rev. Robert Shahan, Bishop of Arizona.
  218. Pansies. An essay by Gene Breshears.
  219. President Pamela Chinnis' Lent 1999 Letter to the House of Deputies
  220. Wish Upon A Star: Illuminating Diversity Conference. A talk by The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton at a conference sponsored by Lucent Technologies.
  221. Images of Honduras. Bruce Garner, past-president of Integrity, reports on his trip to Honduras as a member of the National Commission on HIV/AIDS of the Episcopal Church.
  222. Celebration & Blessing of the Holy Union of William C. Cruse and John R. Deuel
  223. Synods of Thieves? Lambeth and the Latrocinium by Dr. Daniel Beck.
  224. An Open Letter to the Diocese of New Jersey from Lutibelle/Louie
  225. View from Houston. Bishop Richard Shimpfky (El Camino Real) reports on the March 1999 House of Bishops Meeting.
  226. Opposition to Accepting the Moral Authority of the Lambeth Conference, by Charles W. Smith in an address to the 209th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. [Christian courage is marvelously refreshing to witness! --Lutibelle/Louie]
  227. Refreshment Insurance. A Sermon Preached by the Rev. Ed Bacon at the end of the 1998 Lambeth Conference.
  228. Pilgrimage to Sylacauga. Posted 3/9/99.
  229. A Liturgy of Reconciliation for the Episcopal Church by Waltraut J Stein.
  230. Statement on Murder of Billy Jack Gaither, The Rt. Rev. Henry Parsley, Bishop of Alabama
  231. The Mickey Mouse Statement. Dr. Daniel Beck responds to conservatives' demands for a separate province to separate themselves from the Episcopal Church.
  232. The Joshua Syndrome, by the Rt. Rev. Cathy Roskam upon the installation of Very Rev. Ward Ewing as the new dean at General Seminary, February, 1999.
  233. The Fast & Easy Redemption Center. By the Rev. J. Michael Povey.
  234. Absalom Jones and Racism By the Rev'd Phillip Dana Wilson.
  235. Falwell's newspaper outs Bishops, as reported by Correspondent The Rev. Jan Nunley.
  236. An Inclusive Version of the Daily Office. The Book of Common Prayer, 1979 -- modified by Frank Huber in January 1999
  237. A Celebration of Relationships in honor of St. Valentine , by by the Rev'd Cn. Elizabeth Kaeton. February 1999.
  238. Keep It Simple, A sermon by J. Michael Povey
  239. Two Grooms Continued. An eye-witness account by the Rev'd Canon Elizabeth Kaeton of the service when Ernest and Louie-Clay Crew renewed their vows (2/2/99) on their 25th anniversary.
  240. Letter to the Episcopal Church in Arizona by Robert Reed Shahan, Bishop of Arizona. Epiphany 1999.
  241. Bishop sees role for gays in Episcopal Church. Yonat Shimron reports the Presiding Bishop's remarks at the January 1999 convention of the Diocese of North Carolina, in the News-Observer.
  242. Canons to Hold Bishops, Standing Committees, Diocesan Councils.....Accountable. By Rt. Rev. Douglas Theuner, Bishop of New Hampshire. This initiated:
  243. Envisioning by Waltraut J Stein, 
  244. Redeemer in Morristown, NJ Supports Mayor DeLaney in giving Domestic Benefits to unmarriied and those not allowed to marry . A sermon by the Rev. Phillip Dana Wilson. 1/24/99
  245. On Schism, by The Rev. Richard L. B. Sutter. Posted here on January 15, 1999.
  246. The Scandal of It All, by the Rev. James Creasy. A Saint Aelred's Day Sermon delivered at St. Andrew's in Birmingham Alabama, January 12, 1999.
  247. Safely in Exile, by the Rev. Bonnie Ring. January 3, 1999 sermon at Trinity in San Francisco
  248. An Appeal to All Christians, by Waltraut J Stein. Posted 12/23/98, updated on 12/25/98
  249. The lifting up and carrying about of Scriptures , by Timothy E Kruse
    1. Three sermons by The Very Rev. Peter Courtney, Dean, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Honolulu (added on 11/19/98)
    2. All will be thrown down.
    3. Home Free.
    4. Vote No!
  250. For God So Loved the World!, a link to an address by Michael Ingham, Bishop of New Westminster, 27 September, 1998, St. Leonard's Church, Toronto, Canada
  251. A Bishop in Hell, a sermon by The Rev. Jan Nunley. 11/10/98
  252. Bishop Frade's Journal: Reflections from a broken world. By the Bishop of Honduras. Ongoing: 11/8/98, 11/9/98, 11/10/98
  253. For God's Sake, Do Something! by the Rev. Dr. Bonnie Ring. 11/1/98
  254. "Are you a Christian?" by The Rev. Phil Dana Wilson. 10/29/98
  255. The Gay Challenge and Charismatic Episcopalians, by The Rev. Gray Temple, Jr. 10/26/98
  256. Prologue to Stepping Through the Door: An Agenda for Anglicans, by Mark Harris. 10/24/98. Mark is Rector of St. James' Episcopal Church, Millcreek Hundred, Wilmington, Delaware. Formerly Coordinator for Ministry in Higher Education, Coordinator of Overseas Personnel and Partnership Officer for Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East at the Episcopal Church Center. He is author of The Challenge of Change, the Anglican Communion in the Post Modern Era, published by Church Publishing Incorporated.

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