An Open Letter to the Diocese of New Jersey

An Open Letter to the Diocese of New Jersey

Louie Crew
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:01:24 -0500 EST

Several decades ago I spent a weekend with one of the most delightful, life-affirming, brilliant, and caring persons I have ever met. I have not seen her for at least 30 years, and yet I am still struck by her vitality on that occasion. In the course of the weekend, she surprised me and others gathered for this retreat when she recalled how she had been brought up in a narrow religious sect that forbade almost everything--no musical instruments in their worship, no make-up, no bright colors, no ...... Her parents sternly enforced all these rules.

"And yet you're so much the opposite of all that!" I marveled. "How did you ever re-wire all those circuits?"

"I didn't, Louie. I just walked into another room."

You will never be able to set right every wrong that you have uncovered in one another over the past few years. But you can experience God's presence in one another right now just by walking into another room.

Nicodemus asked, How can I enter my mother's womb again? I imagine that for persons on both 'sides' of your struggle a womb might seem tempting as a place to start all over again. If you could have a completely fresh start, if you could just unknow what you now know about.....

You cannot re-enter a womb, but you must be born again, of a new spirit.

I challenge each of you not to throw away any lists of adversaries you might have created or imagined, but instead to turn them into prayer lists and invitation lists. I challenge each of you to pray at least five minutes per day for each person on your list, naming to God every way that you can find God's countenance in the faces of those whom you have learned to dislike or distrust.

We cannot change our enemies, and our love for them is insincere if it is conditional upon their changing. However, we can with God's help learn to love them, as most certainly God does. And we can genuinely wish them well, invite them to dinner, and find scads of ways to make joy together.

My prayer for all of you is that you may fully participate in this joyful mystery, holy communion indeed.

Love, faithfully, Lutibelle/Louie