Selected Published Prose of Louie Crew (a.k.a. Li Min Hua)

Louie Crew, Ph.D. D.D., D.D., D.H.L.
Emeritus Professor
Rutgers University


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Louie Crew
377 S. Harrison Street, 12D
East Orange, NJ 07018

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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
Married February 2, 1974


Selected Published Prose of Louie Crew (a.k.a. Li Min Hua)

    For academia

  1. Abusing Literacy to Colonize Minds: Eight Scenes from a Travesty
  2. Back to the Future
  3. Behold, a Sower!
  4. Can Anyone Thunder? -- Writing Within the Bounds of One's Authority
  5. Charting Ripples
  6. Charles Dickens as a Critic of the United States
  7. Composition as Discovery
  8. Composition in Classes Outside the Discipline of English
  9. Distribution of 'Out' Lesgays in Academia
  10. Editor Response Times
  11. Editor Responses to Gay Materials
  12. First World/Third World Writing Course
  13. Gay Identity in Isherwood's Fiction
  14. Gay Academic Unmasks *
  15. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Student Racism in China and America
  16. Harm that Teachers Do with the Best of Intentions
  17. Homophobia in the Academy
  18. Homophobic Imagination: An Editorial
  19. Honey, Let's Talk About the Quean's English
  20. Importing Vocabularies to Describe Literary Structure
  21. Interview with Louie Crew Clay
  22. Interview with Louie Crew Clay
  23. Linguistic Politics and the Black Community
  24. MailMerge Cantonese
  25. New Alchemy
  26. Physical Miseducation of a Former Fat Boy
  27. Professors Often Cause Bad Writing
  28. Re-Mystifying Composition
  29. Rhetorical Beginnings: Professional and Amateur
  30. Tapping the Collective Imagination
  31. Tattling Racist Laughter of Alabama Leaders, 1950-1967
  32. Teaching EFL Students to Write Well, Not Just Correctly *
  33. Teaching Gay Students
  34. Testing in the Style of the Georgia Mafia
  35. Thus Spake Who? A Study in Received Opinions
  36. Welcome to the University
  37. What Should We Tell Student Writers?
  38. Whetting the Appetite: Guest Editorial
  39. Wrenched Black Tongues: Democratizing English
  40. Write Like a Flunky or Write Like a Colleague: Discover Your Authority
  41. Words' Worth with a Spelling-Checker and On-Line Thesaurus

    For ecclesia

  42. Ain't Walking with Nobody Else's Legs
  43. All in the Family
  44. Amazing Still
  45. Ask What You Will
  46. Barry and me, and the angels
  47. Breaking Silence in Harare
  48. Brief History of Integrity
  49. Bringing the Bad News to the Church
  50. Changing the Church: Lessons Learned in the Struggle to Reduce Institutional Heterosexism in the Episcopal Church
  51. Church and the Gays
  52. Church and Social Justice for Gays
  53. Closetry & Ordination
  54. Compulsions & Affirmations
  55. Concerning Love and Charity
  56. Dangers of Prayer
  57. Ecumenism in China
  58. Episcopal Church as Voyeur
  59. Ethics of Monogamy
  60. Evangelism: How to Do It, How to Stifle It
  61. Expelling the Genital Exchequers from the Temple
  62. Extension of the Gospel
  63. For God and Scandal
  64. Founding of Integrity
  65. Gays Are Joint Heirs with Christ *
  66. Gays As an Occasion of Grace
  67. God's Left-Handers
  68. Huge Bibles
  69. I Am Doing a New Thing: Can You Not See It?
  70. Inherit the Earth
  71. Integrity Dialogue Hopes Thwarted
  72. Did Jesus Laugh?
  73. Learning From Those Who Do Not Like Us.
  74. Louie Crew Clay: Art of Social Activism Through Poetry and Prose
  75. Let Your Computer Summon You to the Daily Office
  76. Loving Lesbians and Gays As You Love Yourselves
  77. Loving Those on the Religious Right
  78. Making Music with a Leper's Bell *
  79. Manna with a Kiss
  80. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- A White Southerner's Perspective
  81. Modest Proposal
  82. New Leaven in the Loaf *
  83. Not to Send Peace
  84. Nothing Is Wasted
  85. On Equal Rites
  86. On the Ordination of Lesbians and Gays to the Priesthood
  87. On These Two Hang
  88. One Fold and One Shepherd *
  89. Open Letter to Our Church
  90. Peace of Christ Is Not For Gays *
  91. Pabulum Is Pabulum Is Pabulum
  92. Plumbing Protocols of Anglican Inhospitality
  93. Quean Lutibelle's Advice to Lesbigay Aspirants to Ordained Ministry in the Episcopal Church
  94. Racism: Alive and Well in the Episcopal Church
  95. Real Live Monkeys, Queers, and Angels
  96. Riding with the Spongs on Pride Day
  97. Stop Embarrassing Me, Honey! or Fools for Christ's Sake
  98. Testimony of Louie Crew to the Standing Theological Commission
  99. They Will Know
  100. To the Pillory, Episcopal Church!
  101. To the Uttermost
  102. View From One Gay Person's Pew
  103. Welcome to Samaria
  104. Twentieth Anniversary Sermon: Welcome to Samaria
  105. Who Are We to be Fabulous
  106. Who Will Shape Our Future?
  107. You Can Have Queer Back


  108. Ben's Eyes
  109. Day Eulene Tried to Commit Suicide
  110. Spurned Babies Burning -- Fiction
  111. Sullen Hymn -- A Short Stort
  112. To Comprehend the Nectar


  113. Birthday Card to the USA
  114. Dear Mother and Dad
  115. Growing Up Gay *
  116. Louie Crew Clay
  117. No Hiding Place Down Here: Learning to Grieve
  118. Not That Kind of Christian
  119. Queer Southerner's Reflections on Race: A Starter
  120. Thriving as an Outsider
  121. Thriving Decloseted in Rural Academe
  122. Two Grooms
  123. Living in Sin
  124. Visiting the Mongu

    See also

  125. "Louie Crew Clay Retrospective," IntegriTV 2015 7 min 29 sec video aired at the Integrity Eucharist during General Convention of The Episcopal Church, June 28, 2015 in Salt Lake City
  126. materials on Louie Crew from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

  127. Photographs of Louie Crew and of his Father and his Mother, plus others. Photographs of Ernest Clay and of his Father and his Mother, plus others.

*Items marked by an asterisk were the first gay materials by an out gay author to appear in the publication.