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Shareware for Writers

Note: All of these programs are in *.zip format. You must have a program to unzip them, such as pkunzip.exe, widely available all over the net. It is most efficient to unzip each to its own directory on your personal computer.

  • My_Agent, Version 4.1.

    My_Agent circulates manuscripts, catalogs publishers, monitors queries, merges letters, prints manuscripts, summarizes data, tallies circulation, specializes bibliographies, prints reports....It even lets you fumigate your resume before Jesse Helms comes.

    Every day your manuscript sits on your desk, it loses its rightful place in the stack on an editor's desk.

  • Styled. Version 4.

    Styled monitors sentence length, word length, punctuation, syntax, weak verbs, and nominalization. It reports to disk files which you can use when you edit. It also graphs and lists to the screen.

  • Flash, Version 1. A Flash Card Program that lets you enter matching pairs of information, prompts you randomly with one part of the pair, keeps your score, and lets you review just those you missed in subsequent rounds.

  • Invent, Version 1.

    Invent prompts you to supply nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The program randomly scrambles your choices and provides novel arrangements.

  • Poetease, Version 2. Poetease helps you diddle. Pronounce it 'poet ease,' 'poet tease,' or 'poetese': your skill determines how well it helps. You specify phonetic spelling and Poetease generates lists which match according to:

    1. Assonance
    2. Consonance
    3. Rhyme

  • Cantones, 1.0. Cantones is a program to assist in learning Cantonese. It has been used in Cantonese instruction in Hong Kong and in Canada. See also Mailmerge Cantonese, Crew's essay on how to use Mailmerge to teach himself Cantonese. That article on Best Article of the Year after publication in the Hong Kong Computer Society's journal Hong Kong Computer Journal 1 (1985): 7-14. Both routines are designed to be used with Speak Cantonese Book One, by Parker Po-Fei Huang and Gerard P. Kok

    And a Works Database that file that may interest a few:

  • Parish Records A Microsoft Works Database

What the critics have said about these programs:

  • "Invaluable"

    -- Rochelle Ratner, in Poets & Writers.

  • "Crew could be called the computer king of creative writing"

    -- Linda Stern in Home-Office Computing.

  • "Ingenious... useful to poets."

    -- Judd Jerome in Writer's Digest

  • "Styled comes close to actually analyzing style, closer than any commercial program I've seen."

    --Barry Kolp, Shareware Magazine

Note: All programs are available in ms-dos format only. My_Agent requires a hard disk or two 360k floppies. All will work comfortably with 300k of RAM or less.

Although all programs are shareware, help yourself if any of it is of any use to you, with no obligation to pay a dime, nor any obligation on my part to support it. The one thing you're not allowed to do is to sell any of it for a profit.

I made a fair amount of money out a couple of these when they first appeared to positive reviews, but I'm not interested in the money or in continuing to write programs for public use. The main reason for writing them in the first place was to tame the "electric brain" (the Chinese name for a computer) to do work that I was already doing the slow way.


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