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P.O. BOX 4342     MACON, GEORGIA  31208 THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1975
National `Gay' Group

Active In Ft. Valley

  According to reports received by The
Herald, a national organization
of homosexuals are operating out of Fort

Valley.  The reports indicate the group
is extremely active in spreading what 
they stand for and is seeking public and
church support.  They are now in the 
process of seeking incorporation under
the laws of the State of Georgia.
   The group is alledgely under the
direction of Lewis Crew, a teach at
Fort Valley State College.  According to
reports, Dr. Crew exposes his ideas to
his classes"...on a regular basis."
Crew is the editor of a "Gay Episcopal
Forum" publication called "Integrity."
The publication is printed monthly
" and for Gay Episcopalians."
   Senator Ed Barker of the Fort Valley
District said he was not aware of any 
movement and didn't know anything 
about it.  However, in the November 
issue of the group's publication, two
letters were reprinted as "early 
reactions."  One from Hon Herman
Talmadge and the other from Hon Sam
    Talmadge, as reported by the 
publication, said he appreciated the 
group for apprising him of the activities
of the "Gay Episcopal Forum" and said
he respected the group's right to hold
personal religious and sexual prefer-
ences "within the guidelines set forth
by the law and court decisions."
   The publication said that Nunn
subscribed " the precepts estab-
lished in the Declaration of Independ-
ence regarding the inalienable rights of
human beings, and in the freedoms
secured for all Americans under the
United States Constitution.
   Herald Editor Joe Taylor attempted 
for more than three hours Monday to
question administrative personnel at
Fort Valley State College, but was
unable to contact either Dr. Pettigrew
or his assistant.  Taylor was told 
that they were not available for comment.
Efforts to contact Dr. Crew were also
   In the 8 page November issue of
"Integrity", articles appeared which 
supported "gays" and their roll in
religion.  An editorial, entitled "Gays
are joint heirs with Christ," stated in
part that "our Church has too often 
looked with shame upon the Lord's
creation of beautiful sexuality in many
varieties.  Even those straights who 
have accepted the holiness of their own
sexuality have too often sought to make 
Gays reaffirm their faith that the world
is made in the image of straights rather
than in the image of God."  The editorial
went on to say that "....Too many such 
persons have had exclusive control of
the education of all persons, particu-
larly of those Gay young people who
need so desperately to hear of Christ's
affirmation of their lives"
   James P. Dees, Presiding Bishop,
The Anglican Orthodox Church, told the
Herald that local officials in Fort
Valley "are very disturrbed about the 
situation.  However, I have discussed
this problem with the College President
and others:  they are displeased with
the situation, but find it very difficult to
correct the problem."
   "I would like to call attention to the
tornado which ripped Fort Valley apart
recently," Rev. Dees continued. "My
immediate reaction to the news of the
tornado was, "This is the voice of God."
The town of Fort Valley is harboring
Solomist.  Would one expect God to keep
silent when homosexuals are tolerated?
We remember what He did to Sodom
and Gomorrah."
   Reverend Dees said he had been
advised by the Attorney General's 
office of the State of Georgia that there
are State Laws against sodomy and 
that under Georgia law, the District
Attorney is the prosecuting officer for
offenses against the state.  Fred Hasty
of Macon is the District Attorney
covering the Fort Valley Area
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