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Who Will Publish My Poetry

>I have some poetry to publish. Where do I go? Who do I send it
>to? E-mail me please! I need HELP!
No one could give you good advice without knowing what kind of poetry you are writing. You should join (or start) a local poetry group that meets at least once every 6 weeks for members to read their own poetry written only since the last meeting. Try to have a diverse group, not people all trying to write the same way. Critique one another's work.

You should also spend lots of time reading other poets in current magazines. Were you doing enough of that right now, you would already have a sense of your own voice and of the magazines that are publishing material of the kind that you write. Magazines have a character which their readers expect. While a good editor is open to new voices, rarely would a new voice radically reverse the editor's and the readers' expectations.

Once you have done these two things, then use resources such as those that I collect at https://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/poetry.html to help you in discerning where to send your work.

Good luck with nurturing and sharing your talent.



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