Second Joint International Workshop
and AMS Special Session on
Differential Algebra and Related Topics

The Kolchin Seminar in Differential Algebra of The City University of New York and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Rutgers University at Newark are pleased to announce the second joint International Workshop and AMS Special Session on Differential Algebra and Related Topics. The joint conferences will bring together experts from different areas related to differential algebra. The workshop encourages participation from among traditionally under-represented groups including women and minorities. The workshop is open to all who are interested. The purpose is to disseminate the methods and results of differential algebra to other areas, to encourage potential collaborations, and to attract graduate students and new researchers. During the workshop, invited speakers will give expository or survey talks on their fields. The Special Session at the AMS Eastern Section Meeting for Spring 2007 will bring the participants further up to date on the most current research through invited research reports. A poster session at the Workshop will further provide opportunities for informal discussions. Post docs and graduate students are encouraged to attend and funding is available.

Attendance at the Workshop and AMS Special Session is open to the research public. At this time, all speaker slots have been allocated. Participants intending to present a poster at the poster session may submit a title and a brief abstract to the organizers by March 31, 2007. Submissions after the deadline may not appear in the Workshop program. A poster board or surface will be provided that will accommodate about 12 letter size pages (about 3 ft by 4 ft). Presenters may use any style, including color, and using a single large cardboard. Fontsize should be large enough to be easily readable from a distance of about 3 feet.


Including but not limited to: differential and difference algebra, differential Galois theory, differential algebraic geometry, differential algebraic groups, model theory, computational differential algebra, Rota-Baxter type algebras, and applications to combinatorics, arithmetic geometry, control theory, dynamical systems, and integrability theories.

Dates: Workshop: April 12-13, 2007    AMS Special Session: April 14-15, 2007

Workshop Location: Bove Auditorium, Engelhard Hall, Rutgers University at Newark, Newark, New Jersey, USA

AMS Special Session Location: Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030

Confirmed Speakers (alphabetical order):

Workshop AMS Special Session AMS Special Session
Marcelo AguiarPrimitivo Acosta-HumanezClaude Mitschi
Peter ClarksonAlexandru Buium (with Santiago Simanca)Francois Ollivier
Robert GrossmanLucia Di VizioAlexey Ovchinnikov
Andy MagidAnne Duval (with Elie Compoint)Eugueny Pankratiev
David MarkerOleg GolubitskyWai Yan Pong
B. Heinrich MatzatCharlotte HardouinAlexandre Rambaud
Russell MillerJulia HartmannMichael Singer
Greg ReidLourdes JuanDima Trushin
Michael SingerArne LedetMarius van der Put
Marius van der PutAlexandr B. LevinFranz Winkler
Mark van HoeijAndy Magid Wenyuan Wu
B. Heinrich Matzat Yang Zhang

Funding for the Workshop for participants with US citizenship or permanent residence status is available from the National Security Agency. Limited funding for other participants is available from the National Science Foundation and the Rutgers University. Priority in financial support will be given to graduate students and young doctorates, especially minorities and women. Applications for support should be sent to Li Guo. All AMS participants must bear their own expenses, including AMS registration fee.


Phyllis Cassidy (CCNY and Smith College, emerita)
Richard Churchill (Hunter College and Graduate Center of CUNY)
Li Guo (Chair for Workshop, Rutgers University at Newark)
William Keigher (Chair) (Rutgers University at Newark)
Jerry Kovacic (Chair for AMS SPecial Session, City College of CUNY)
William Sit (City College of CUNY, emeritus)

Workshop Contact Information:
Li Guo or William Keigher
Dept. of Math. and Comp. Sci.
Rutgers University at Newark,
Newark, NJ 07102;
e-mail: or;
fax: 973-353-5270;
web page:

AMS Special Session Contact Information:
Jerry Kovacic
e-mail: or;
web page: