Workshop Schedule (click on the links to see the slides or the paper)

Talks of the first day will take place in Bove Auditorium, Englehart Hall which is located at the intersection of New Street and University Avenue. Talks of the rest of the conference will take place in Ackerson Hall 123 on the other side of New Street and University Avenue.

Thursday, November 13 (Bove Auditorium, Engelhard Hall)
8:00–8:45: Registration and Refreshments
8:45–9:00: Welcoming remarks
9:00–9:50: Matthias Aschenbrenner: Degree bounds for Grobner bases in algebras of solvable type
10:00–10:50: Evelyne Hubert: Constructive Algebra for Differential Invariants
11:00–11:30: Refreshments
11:30–12:20: Robert Bryant: On Cartan’s Generalizations of Lie’s Third Theorem
12:30–2:00: Lunch Break
2:00–2:25: Lisi D’Alfonso: On the Index and the Order of Quasi-regular DAE Systems
2:30–2:55: Francois Ollivier: A Proof of the Dimensional Conjecture and of Jacobi's Bound
3:00–4:00: Refreshments
4:00–4:25: A. A. Mikhalev: Free Differential Calculus for Free Algebras of Schreier Varieties
4:30–4:55: V. Ravi Srinivasan: Extensions by Antiderivatives and Iterated Logarithms
5:30-8: Banquet Dinner: Robesen Galleries, first floor of Robeson Campus Center

Friday, November 14 (Ackerson Hall 123)
8:30-9:00: Registration and Refreshments
9:00-9:50: Julia Hartmann: Applications of Patching
10:00-10:50: Anand Pillay: Logarithmic Derivatives on Nonconstant Commutative Algebraic Groups, and Transcendence
11:00-11:30: Refreshments
11:30-12:20: Jerry Kovacic: Differential Schemes
12:30-2:00: Lunch Break
2:00-2:25: B. Heinrich Matzat: Galois Theory of Frobenius Modules
2:30-2:55: Arne Ledet: PGLn as a Differential Galois Group
3:00-4:00: Poster Session* and Refreshments
4:00-4:25: Alexey Ovchinnikov: Differential Elimination and Bounding Orders in Effective Differential Nullstellensatz
4:30-4:55: David Blazquez-Sanz: Lie-Vessiot Systems, Algebraic Superposition Laws and Strongly Normal Extensions

* Poster presentations
Poster presentations will be available 3-4pm on November 14-16 in Ackerson Hall 123
Ruyong Feng: Liouvillian Solutions of Linear Differential-Difference Equations
Xiaoshan Gao: A Criterion for Testing Whether a Difference Ideal Is Reflexive and Prime
Ekaterina Shemyakova: Differential Transformations for Second-Order Bivariate Parabolic LPDOs (Linear Partial Differential Operators)

Saturday, November 15 (Ackerson Hall 123)
8:30–9:00: Registration and Refreshments
9:00–9:50: Sylvie Paycha: “Locality” as a Driving Principle for Renormalisation
10:00–10:50: Bin Zhang: Renormalization on Toric Varieties
11:00–11:30: Refreshments
11:30–12:20: Snigdhayan Mahanta: Holomorphic Bundles over Noncommutative Tori and Rep(ˆZ)
12:30–2:00: Lunch Break
2:00–2:25: Earl Taft: Differentiably Finite Power Series and Combinatorial Identities
2:30–2:55: Zongzhu Lin: Representations of Differential Rota-Baxter Algebras
3:00–4:00: Poster Session* and Refreshments
4:00–4:25: Robert Grossman: Some Differential Algebraic Structures Induced by Hopf Algebras of Labeled Trees
4:30–4:55: A.G. Khovanskii: Topological Galois Theory

Sunday, November 16 (Ackerson Hall 123)
8:30–9:00: Registration and Refreshments
9:00–9:50: Anton Leykin: Computation of Bernstein-Sato polynomials
10:00–10:50: Emma Previato: Isomonodromic Garnier System and Geometry of Higher Painlev΄e VI Equations
11:00–11:30: Refreshments
11:30–12:20: Guy Casale: Non-linear Differential Galois Theory
12:30–2:00: Lunch Break
2:00–2:25: Richard Cleyton: Differential Gerstenhaber Algebras and Weak Mirror Symmetry of Nilpotent Lie Algebras
2:30–2:55: Tom Scanlon: Differential Galois Theories from Model Theory
3:00–4:00: Poster Session* and Refreshments
4:00–4:25: Lucia Di Vizio: q-difference Equations with |q| = 1
4:30–4:55: Alexander Levin: Dimension Polynomials of Intermediate Fields of a Finitely Generated Difference-Differential Field Extension