Preludes and Fugues (1990–2000) is Henry Martin’s best-known work. The series won the National Composers Competition sponsored by the League of Composers - International Society for Contemporary Music in 1992 and the Barlow International Composition Competition in 1998. Comprising piano solos that span styles from Romanticism to Modernism and from ragtime to postbebop, the series has been performed by pianists throughout the world. It is available in four volumes, as published by Margun Music and distributed by Shawnee Press (800-962-8584). Preludes and Fugues follows the form of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier with a prelude and fugue in each key.

Preludes and Fugues has been recorded in its entirety on two CDs as performed by Sara Davis Buechner (GM Recordings 2049) and Henry Martin (Bridge Records 9140). “Praeludium et Fuga XIII—A Slow Drag” has also been recorded by Teresa McCollough (Innova Records 552). For more information on these CDs, click the Recordings link, as shown above.

Short samples of all the Preludes and Fugues can be heard by clicking above on the Music Audio Samples link.

PRELUDES AND FUGUES Selected Concert/Recital Performances

Sara Davis Buechner:
May 3, 2001 as part of the series Bach & The 20th Century (with music of J.S. Bach) at the Miller Theater of Columbia University; May 9, 1997 at Senzoku Conservatory, Tokyo; Jan. 5, 1996 for the Oregon State University Piano Masters Series, Corvallis, Oregon; Jan. 6, 1996 for the Portland State University Piano Recital Series, Portland; May 4, 1993 for the Princeton University Concert Series; Feb. 23, 1992 at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.  (This Performance broadcast on National Public Radio in honor of J. S. Bach's birthday, March 17, 1992—Henry Martin interviewed.)  Jan. 25 1992 on the Washington Irving High School concert series, New York City; Jan. 10, 1992 at Rockefeller University, New York City; Dec. 8, 1991 at Portland State University, Portland; Nov. 11, 1991 at the Manhattan School of Music, New York City.

Henry Martin:
May 9, 2004 at Univ. of Oregon; Feb. 19, 2004 at Rutgers-Newark Recital; May 6, 2002 at Norman Samuels Day at Rutgers-Newark; Apr. 10, 2002 at Bradley Hall Theater, Rutgers-Newark; Dec. 3, 2000, at the Mannes College of Music; June 10, 2000 at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro; June 23, 1999 at the Newark Museum; July 30, 1998 at the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; Apr. 18, 1998 at SUNY-New Paltz; Mar. 29, 1998 at the Univ. of New Mexico; Oct. 28, 1997 at New York University; Apr. 25, 1997 at the Mannes College of Music; Apr. 15, 1997 at Goucher College; Apr. 1, 1997 at Rutgers University-Newark; Mar. 7, 1997 at the Univ. of Colorado-Boulder; Aug. 7, 1996 at Huntington (N.Y.) Heckshar Park and Oct. 22, 1995 at the Farmingdale Public Library for the Long Island Composers Alliance; Oct. 26, 1995 for the Mostly New Music Series at the Greenwich House Music School, New York City, featuring the work of Henry Martin; June 23, 1995 at the Advent Methodist Church, New York City; July 7, 1994 at the Hewlett Public Library (N.Y.) for the Long Island Composers Alliance.

Teresa McCollough:
Oct. 17, 1999 at the University of New Orleans.
Apr. 30, 1999 at Santa Clara Universtiy.
Apr. 9, 1999 broadcast over WXXI-FM, Rochester.

David Andruss:
May 1, 2005 on the Hörder Konzerte artists series in Dortmund, Germany.
April 12, 2005 on the Guest Recital series of Northern Illinois University.

Gloria Chien:
February 26, 2001 at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston (Masters degree recital); Jan. 21, 2001 at the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, Cambridge, Mass; Oct. 22, 2000 as winner of the bronze medal of the San Antonio International Piano Competition.

Semi-Finalists and Winners of the San Antonio International Piano Competition:
Oct. 16-22, 2000, in San Antonio; semi-finalists all perform Praeludium/Fuga XXIV, which was commissioned by the competition (Henry Martin a guest speaker at the winner's recital on Oct. 22). Performances by Ji-Hye Chang, Amu I-Lin Cheng, Gloria Chien (bronze medalist), Juyeon Kang, Yoshikazu Nagai, Silvana Suarez Santinelli, Michael Schneider (silver medalist), Sivan Silver, Naoko Takao (gold medalist), and Genadi Zagor.

Geoffrey Kiorpes:
March 24, 2006 at Longwood College.
March 27, 2006 at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
April 10, 2006 at Weill Recital Hall, New York City (New York debut recital).

George Kiorpes:
June 10, 2000 at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

Students of Alan Feinberg:
Oct. 4, 1997 at the Eastman School of Music:  performance of Groups 1 and 2 complete by Kimberly Dorman, David Nothnagle, Chao-I Chou, Chinami Ikeda, Minjeong Suh, Fang-Tzu Liu, Tellef Johnson, and John Orfe.

Hiromi Matsunaga Ohmori:
Feb. 17, 2002 at the Tokyo City Recital Hall, Japan.
May 4, 1996 at Merkin Concert Hall, New York City.

Karen Rice:
Apr. 11, 2003 at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro (DMA recital).

Klara Yukyoung Min:
Jan. 26, 2002 at her debut recital at Weill Recital Hall, New York City.
Jan. 18, 2002 as part of the Leschetizky Association Artist-Student Recital program at Faust Harrison in New York City.

Christopher Oldfather:
May 9, 1993 at the Tsai Center, Boston University, for Collage New Music.
May 11, 1992 at Weill Recital Hall, New York City (Award Performance for Preludes and Fugues as winner of the National Composers' Competition sponsored by the League of Composers - International Society for Contemporary Music).

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