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Fiction for Fiction Writers 525

Creative Writing 462

Creative Writing 461

Writing for Publication 391

The Short Story
(Intl. Focus) 381

Writing for Non-Fiction 375: Integrated Writing and Digital Photography

Special Topics in Film 364: Spaghetti Westerns: Cowboys and Europeans

Periods in American Literature 223: Pre-Colonial to 1865

English Composition 102: Interpretation, Synthesis, and Research

English Composition 101: Analysis and Argument

English 100 Composition Workshop

Communication Skills 099

Michael Zeugin is a New Jersey based writer/photographer and  University lect urer who participates in more outdoor activities than a human being should be allowed. An advanced snow sports instructor and guide, surfer and windsurfer, he also kayaks, canoes, fishes, hunts, hikes, mountain bikes and is sometimes seen on horseback.

Zeugin has published scores of articles and hundreds of images on outdoor pursuits, in the past eight years. His writing, photography and collaborative production work have been cover featured numerous times. Michael's photographic exhibits have been shown at a variety of public venues. His most recent image collection, Wawayanda Winter, was hosted by the international organization the Nature Conservancy at their Newton, New Jersey offices in winter of 2005. Zeugin's other exhibit, This Bucolic Valley, has been hosted by Poricy Park Nature Center, James Barrett House Museum and the Dorothy E. Henry Library, in New Jersey. His writing and photography covering outdoor activities, environmental subjects, public land and recreation issues has appeared the in New England Windsurfing Journal, where he is a contributing editor, The New York Conservationist, Adirondac,, Adirondack Explorer, Skylands Visitor, New Jersey Outdoors, Appalachian Mountain Club Outdoors and Straus Newspapers. His Op-Ed pieces have appeared in other publications. Michael has also appeared in a number of venues as a snow sports expert, including WABC television's New Jersey Viewpoint. Zeugin has rece-ntly completed his first Science Fiction novel, Catharsis Avenged which is currently under review with publisher.

With BA degrees from Upsala College in Human Resource Management, English, German Translation, Zeugin earned a Master of Arts degree in English Writing at Rutgers University, where he is currently an Assitant Instructor for the Writing Program and English Departments . Zeugin also teaches part-time for the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), for which he developed a multi-disciplinary Photojournalism course that blends digital imaging and non-fiction writing.  As a skilled writing generalist, Zeugin has been tapped to teach courses ranging from developmental English 099 courses to graduate workshops in Fiction Analysis and Writing, with sideshoots in areas such as Photojournalism and Technical Writintg.   Zeugin has been profiled in a number of professional publications. His active mentoring of students has brought numerous student writing and photography project to publication in online web-zines such at the Newark-Metro.

Michael is certified member of ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) and is multi-discipline certified by Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors in Nordic Downhill (Telemark), Alpine, Nordic Track and Skate (Cross Country) and Snowboard instruction. He taught for over a decade at Whiteface Mountain ('32 and '80 Winter Olympics) and for NATO (North American Telemark Organization), and currently works with select clients as a personal trainer for winter snow sports.

A simple core philosophy dictates Zeugin's relentless pursuit of diverse physical and intellectual challenges: "Life is two things, nourishment of the mind and nourishment of the body. Neglect either and you stagnate."


Chronology of Publications

Cover Shots and Features

"Power Jibe" - New Jersey Outdoors, Fall 2000

"Windsurfing Quest - Zeugin off Pointe-aux-Anglais, Province Quebec" - New England Windsurfing Journal, September 2006

"Windsurfing, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie" - New England Windsurfing Journal, August 2005

"Salt Water Frappe" - New England Windsurfing Journal,September 2004

"Into the Storm" - New England Windsurfing Journal,May 2004

"Once More Unto the Beach" - New England Windsurfing Journal,March 2004

"Icarus"- New England Windsurfing Journal,Sept 2002

"Hot Spot" - New England Windsurfing Journal,May 2002

"Dark Jibe" - New England Windsurfing Journal,December 1999

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