A collection of videos of the exhibiting artists

Dana Gallery
John Cotton Dana Library

New Jersey

The Digital Artist Series consists of a set of recorded presentations given by exhibiting artists at John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers Newark. Making full use of the new Dana Digital Media Lab, each artist is captured in a short video discussing his/her art works and working style. There are two formats for the series. For use as CDROM's, the videos are edited and integrated into multimedia format with added interactive buttons, graphics and text, then compressed to allow transfer to CDROM discs. For World Wide Web access, the videos are edited and then formatted as streaming videos for online delivery. The Digital Artist Series thus exists as a set of CDROM's, one per artist, as well as a set of streaming videos accessible on the Web. These sets further provide a record of Dana Library's art exhibits in a developing digital collection. The overall results add value to the artists' works, as they each explain their own creative process and give artistic details about the production of specific works. Taken together, these new media presentations provide a high level view of the creative process in art, useful for informational as well as educational purposes.

Streaming video examples are available here in Adobe (Macromedia) Flash format.

Created by R. E. Nahory

Rutgers - Newark