Rutgers University Libraries ERIC: Name Searches

ERIC does not include names of individuals (or other proper nouns) in its subject thesaurus. So if you type in a person's name as your search term it will never be presented to you as a subject heading that you can select.

However ERIC does assign personal names to citations as an identifier, i.e., an additional, 'unofficial' subject heading. These are entered into the database last name first. In order to find these identifiers, you need to search by

  • the last name
  • followed by the first name
  • with quotation marks around the name.

    Select the name from the bottom of the "Subject Heading" list, and search it as a keyword.

    Use the set numbers to combine the name with the other term(s) that you have selected.

    Click on the "Display" button to view your citations.

    Natalie Borisovets (
    John Cotton Dana Library
    May 25, 2005