Rutgers University Libraries Where's the Article?

It's important to remember that ERIC indexes both journal articles and other types of publications such as reports, conference proceedings, project descriptions, curriculum guides, and even books. Each citation in ERIC is assigned a number which begins with either ED or EJ. EJ: Journal Articles ED: ERIC Documents

EJ: Journal Articles

The EJ in this record indicates that this citation is to a journal article.

The title of the journal in which the article appears (Teachers College Record) is labeled Source.

To find out if the Rutgers Libraries have the journal in which the article appears, click on the LinkSource link that appears on the top of most ERIC records.


LinkSource may offer you one or more options.

1. In this particular case, it knows that the article that you want is available online. Select the View full text link to go directly to the article.

2. In other cases, LinkSource just offers to search IRIS for the journal in which the article appears.

The IRIS Record

1. In this case, the IRIS record that LinkSource led you to indicates that Dana has The Harvard Educational Review from volume 7 (1937) to the present.

You would find the volume that you need downstairs on the lower level; the journals are arranged alphabetically by journal title.

2. In this case, only the Alexander Library owns the journal in print. However the IRIS record indicates that the journal is available online beginning with March 1995 and has a link for electronic access.

In this case, only the Alexander Library owns this journal and there is no "electronic access" link. But you can get a copy of an article that you need from this journal by clicking on the button to the left of the IRIS record.

If your IRIS LinkSource search results in a screen with just a bunch of numbers on it, LinkSource did not find that journal title in the catalog. If you really need that article you can request it via Interlibrary Loan and we will obtain it for you from another institution.

ED: ERIC Documents

The ED in this record indicates that this is not a journal article, but monographic document of some sort.

In this case, this is a report from the National Center for Urban Partnerships.

In some cases, the text of these "ED" documents is actually availabe online.

Just follow the ERIC Full-text link at the top of the ERIC record.

Generally materials published prior to 1993 will not have a full-text link in ERIC.

However most ERIC ED documents are available on microfiche as part of the ERIC Documents collection at the Alexander Library and can be requested for delivery to Dana.

Natalie Borisovets (
John Cotton Dana Library
May 20, 2005