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Basic Reference Works

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean. 2nd ed. New York, Cambridge University Press, 1992.
Authoritative, one-volume work. Brief signed articles, with suggestions for further reading, dealing with the physical environment, economy, people, history, politics and society, and culture of the region.
Dana Call Number: Ref. F1406.C36 1992

Latino Encyclopedia. Richard and Rafael Chabran, editors. New York, Marshall Cavendish, 1996. 6 vols.
More than 1900 entries ranging from several paragraphs to signed full-length articles with annotated bibliographies relating to the Latino experience in the United States.
Dana Call Number: Ref. E184 .S75L57 1996.

Shavit, David. The United States in Latin America : A Historical Dictionary. New York : Greenwood Press, 1992.
"Information about persons, institutions, and events that affected the relationships between the United States and Latin America" up to the late 1980s. Entries include bibliographic references. Bibliographic essay on the literature on U.S. relations with Latin America: pp. 441-449.
Dana Call Number: Ref F1418.S494 1992

Latin American Studies: A Brief Annotated Bibliography
Annotated guide to the major reference sources (print and electronic). Compiled by Paul Bary at Tulane.

Library Catalogs

University of Texas at Austin Libraries
Includes the holdings of the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, one of the major collections of Latin American materials in the world. Special emphasis on Mexico, Brazil, the Río de la Plata countries, and U.S. Latino culture

Tulane University Libraries
Includes the holdings of the Tulane Latin American Library, one of the world's foremost collections of materials in Latin American archaeology, anthropology, history, linguistics, art, architecture, film, women's studies, and economics.

Libraries and Archives in Latin America


Humanities Full Text
Humanities Full Text is the basic index for finding articles in the humanities disciplines, including history. It indexes over 550 of the core, English language journals in history, literature, art and music, philosophy and religion. It indexes many journals back to 1984 and, beginning with 1995, includes many full-text articles.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.

America: History and Life
1964- . The most comprehensive index to American (U.S. and Canada) history. Indexes over 2000 journals worldwide, as well as book reviews and dissertations. Search Guide available.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.

Historical Abstracts
1955- . The most comprehensive index to world history (excluding that of the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Indexes over 2,000 history and history-related journals worldwide, as well as book reviews and dissertations. Search Guide available.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.

Handbook of Latin American Studies
1935- . Selective, annotated bibliography of books, book chapters, articles, and conference papers published in the field of Latin American studies. Coverage alternates between social sciences and the humanities on a biennial basis.

Hispanic-American Periodical Index [HAPI]
1970- . The major multidisciplinary periodical index for Latin American Studies. Indexes over 400 scholarly journals published in the U.S. and Latin America.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.

Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents (LAPTOC)
Search or browse the tables of contents of more than 800 journals, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, published in Latin America. [Note: In LAPTOC, selecting a country limits your search to journals published in that country. It does not focus your search on articles about that country].

Chicano Database
c. 1960- . Index to some 130 journals, as well as books, book chapters, popular magazines, and newspapers relating to Chicanos/Chicanas and Mexican Americans. From 1992 forward, includes records for material on the broader Latino experience, including Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central American immigrants.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.


New York Times Index.
Index to the New York Times 1851 to the present. Dana has the New York Times on microfilm back to 1851.
Dana Call Number: Ref. AI21 .N44

[Historical] New York Times
Allows you to search and display the full image of articles published in the New York Times back to 1851. The two+ most recent years are not included; use LexisNexis Academic to find more recent articles. Restricted Access.

Ethnic NewsWatch
A full-text collection of approximately 200 newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press. Over 400,000 complete articles dating back to 1990, in English and Spanish.
Off-Campus Access Restricted Access.

Central American, Caribbean, and South American Newspapers
Selective list of Latin American newspapers with searchable archives.

Primary Source Collections

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Colonial Latin America
Digital documents relating to conquest and exploitation, as well as the creation of Latin American cultures .

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Latin America in the 19th Century
Digital documents relating to independence, political development, United States imperialism, and Immigration, as well as specific countries in the 19th century.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: 20th Century Latin America
Links to digital documents on common themes and issues, as well as those relating to specific countries.

LANIC EText Collection
Full-text resources including speeches by delivered by Argentine and Mexican presidents; translations of speeches, interviews, and press conferences by Fidel Castro; research papers written by Latin American studies scholars; theses and dissertations; etext versions of books; conference proceedings; and official documents. Some of the etexts are in Spanish, others are in English.


Country Studies
Online versions of the Country Studies/Area Handbooks series published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. A basic resource for an overview of a particular country.

Political Database of the Americas
Search or browse thematically arranged reference materials, primary documents, comparative studies and statistical data for countries in the Western Hemisphere. Categories include: Constitutions and Constitutional Studies; Electoral Systems and Election Data; Decentralization; Political Parties; Executive Institutions; Legislative Institutions; Judicial Instituions; and Civil Society.

Cuba : An Annotated Bibliography. Compiled by Louis A. Pérez, Jr. New York : Greenwood Press, 1988.
Dana Call Number: Ref. F1758.C83 1988

The Cuban Heritage Digital Collection
"The Cuban Heritage Digital Collection (CHDC) is a digital gateway to finding aids and primary sources selected from the Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC) of the Otto G. Richter Library at the University of Miami. It is currently comprised of archival collection finding aids and the digitized content of those collections, including photographs, letters, manuscripts, and other documents."

Schroeder, Susan. Cuba : A Handbook of Historical Statistics. Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1982.
Dana Call Number: Ref F1778.S37 1982

U.S.-Latin American Relations

Guide to American Foreign Relations Since 1700. Edited by Richard Dean Burns. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio, c1983.
Dana Call Number: Ref. E183.7.G85 1983

Tarragó, Rafael E. Early U.S.-Hispanic Relations, 1776-1860 : An Annotated Bibliography Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1994.
Dana Call Number: Ref Z6465.L29T37 1994

A Bibliography of United States-Latin American Relations Since 1810; A Selected List of Eleven Thousand Published References. Compiled and edited by David F. Trask, Michael C. Meyer [and] Roger R. Trask. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1968.
Dana Call Number: Ref. Z1609.R4T7

Supplement to A Bibliography of United States-Latin American Relations since 1810. Compiled and Edited by Michael C. Meyer. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c1979.
Dana Call Number: Ref. Z1609.R4T7 Suppl.

A Timeline of U.S. interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean. From Latin American Solidarity (LAS) at the University of Kansas.


Index to Spanish American Collective Biography / Sara de Mundo Lo. Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, 1981-
Index to biographical information found in collective biographies published since 1600. Dana has Vol 1: The Andean countries and Vol 2: Mexico.
Dana Call Number: Ref. Z1609.B6M86

Biographical Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Political Leaders. Edited by Robert J. Alexander. New York : Greenwood Press, c1988.
Dana Call Number: F1414.2.B48 1988


Mitchell, Brian R. International Historical Statistics : The Americas, 1750-1993. 4th ed. New York : Stockton Press, 1998.
Dana Call Number: Ref. HA175.M55 1998

Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles, UCLA Latin American Center Publications
Annual 2-volume compilation of data on Latin American countries.
Dana Call Number: Ref HA935.S8

Anuario estadístico de América latina y el Caribe/Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean. Santiago, Chile : Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1986-
Annual compilation of demographic and socio-economic data for each country in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Dana Call Number: Ref HA755.A68 or

International Data Base (IDB) Summary Demographic Data
Demographic and socio-economic statistics for 227 countries and areas of the world. Combines data from country sources with the U.S. Census Bureau's International Programs Center's estimates and projections.

Development Statistics: Latin America
Socio-economic data on countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. From the The United States Agency for International Development

Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean
Annual report from the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Basic Country Health Profiles for the Americas
Summaries by Country. From the Pan American Health Organization.

International Trade Centre (ITC) Country Statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2001
The basic annual U.S. statistical compilation. You can also links to tables from the 1995-2000 editions. However the PDF file format makes for cumbersome data retrieval. A modified version of Statistical Abstract tables can also be found by searching Lexis-Nexis Statistical. Print copies of latest edition of the Statistical Abstract are available at the Dana Reference Desk.

Hispanic Americans : A Statistical Sourcebook Boulder, Colo. : Numbers & Concepts, 1991-
Demographics, social and economic characteristics, household and family characteristics, education, political participation, labor force, etc.
Dana Call Number: Ref. E184.S75H57 yr.1998

Hispanic Population of the United States
Tables compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Maps of the Americas
Digitized maps from the Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas in Austin.

Internet Guides

The WWW Virtual Library: Latin American Studies
From the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas in Austin.

Advanced Research in Latin American Studies
Lists sites "that will help advanced researchers in Latin American Studies find primary sources."

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