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Rutgers Online Catalog
CATNYP: The Catalog of the New York Public Library Including holdings of the Slavonic Division cataloged since 1971.
ILLINET Online Catalog of the University of Illinois including their Slavic and East European Library.
Slavic Newspaper Index Searchable list of all the newspapers (not the contents) of the University of Illinois Slavic and East European Library.


Humanities Index 1984- Web Version Restricted Access. Indexes over 335 core English-language periodicals in an array of humanities including classical studies, history, philosophy, and religion.
PAIS International 1972- Web Version. Restricted Access. Index to books, reports, government documents, and journals dealing with political, social, and public policy issues.
Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies 1992- Web Version. Restricted Access. Abstracts of books, manuscripts, and idssertations, as well as articles from over 10,000 periodicals, covering a range of humanities and social sciences published primarily in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe. Restricted Access.


Russian Historical Texts in English From the University of Durham. Translations of texts from the founding of 'Rus' to 1991.
Documents in Russsian History: An On-Line Sourcebook From Seton Hall University.
History of the Soviet Union From the University of East Anglia School of History. English language translations.
Revelations of the Russian Archives From the Library of Congress.

Ruskaia Pravda Earliest law code; 11th century.
Novgorod Chronicle: Selected Annals From the Medieval Sourcebook.

Marx/Engels Library Chronology of the works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, with links to full-text versions. From the Marxists.org Internet Archive.
Leon Trotsky Internet Archive
Lenin Internet Archive
Joseph Stalin Reference Archive
J.V. Stalin Internet Library

Constitution of the Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic (1918)
1936 Constitution of the USSR
1977 Constitution of the USSR
Constitution of the Russian Federation (1993)

Soviet Documents on Foreign Policy (1917-1918)
Lettonie - Russie :Traite et documents Documents on Latvian-Russian relations. French site; documents in a variety of languages.

VENONA Documents Text of over 3000 declassified messages relating to the VENONA project, the U.S. Signals Intelligence effort to collect and decrypt the text of Soviet KGB and GRU messages from the 1940's.
Cold War International History Project


The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Russian Revolution (DANA Ref DK265.B54)
Dictionary of the Russian Revolution (DANA Ref DK265.D49)
Great Soviet Encyclopedia (DANA Ref AE55.B62313) English translation, in 31 volumes, of the Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia.
The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History (DANA Ref DK14.M6) Multi-volume work reproducing information from many standard Russian reference titles.


Historical Maps: The Russian Empire From the Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS). 19th Century Maps.
The Territory of Russia by 1600 and 1700.
Russia and the Former Soviet Republics: Maps From the Perry-Castaneda Collection at the University of Texas - Austin.


Russian Photography Collection
Some Voices from the Soviet Union and Russia From Lenin to Eltsin.
Soviet Propaganda:Posters and Cartoons of the 20th Century
Soviet War Photography: Images of the Second World War and its Aftermath Exhibit of photographs taken by Soviet photojournalists.
The Chairman Smiles:Soviet Posters


Russian History Bucknell University's award-winning site.
Russian History on the Web
Russian Medieval Arms and Armor Illustrated descriptions of armor used between c.900 and 1700 A.D.
The Russian Revolutions of 1917 David Barnsdale's collection of links.


Cyrillicize Windows How to add Russian Cyrillic capabilities to computers running under Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, or XP.
Russian Alphabet and Some Phonetic Exercises With sound.
English-Russian Russian-English Dictionary
Ozhegov's Russian Dictionary

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