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Hardman, J.B.S., "Terrorism," Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 1934. Vol. 14, pp. 575-580.
The concept of terrorism and its use as a political tool in the late 19th and early 20th century. Lengthy bibliography.
Dana Call Number: Ref. H41 .E6 1937

Crenshaw, M., "Terrorism," International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2001. Vol. 23, pp. 15604-15606.
Brief overview of the historical development, causes, forms, and effects of terrorism. Bibliography.
Dana Call Number: Ref. H41 .I58 2001

Norton, Augustus Richard. "Terrorism," Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. New York, Oxford University Press, 1995. Vol. 4, pp. 205-209.
Includes an annotated bibliography.
Dana Call Number: Ref. DS35.53 .O95 1995

Kushner, Harvey W. Encyclopedia of Terrorism Thousand Oaks: Ca: Sage Publications, 2003.
One volume overview of terrorism with brief entries on terrorists, terrorist groups, terrorist activities including U.S. based groups, theoretical perspectives and government responses to terrorism. Appendices contain maps of terrorist activity and chronology.
Dana Call Number: Ref. HV 6431 .K883 2003

Kurtz, Lester, ed. Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace & Conflict San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 1999. 3 vols.
Full length entries on theories and concepts of violence, peace and conflict studies.
Criminal Justice Call Number: Ref. RC 569.5 .V55 E53 1999


Terrorism 2004
Extensive bibliography of books, articles and internet sites, many with annotations, relating to terrorism including geographic areas affected, methods used, targets, current trends, etc. Compiled by Glenda Armstrong at the Air University Library.

Ferguson, R. Brian. The Anthropology of War: A Bibliography. New York, N.Y. : H.F. Guggenheim Foundation, 1988.
Dana Call Number: Ref. Z6464.Z9F47 1988

Finding Books: Library Catalogs

IRIS The online catalog for the Rutgers University Libraries.

Relevant subject headings that you can use in IRIS include:



Terrorism Religious Aspects

State-sponsored terrorism


Culture Conflict

Islam and Terrorism

Political violence

Newark Law
Newark Law library materials, including materials located at the Don M. Gottfredson Library of Criminal Justice, are not listed in IRIS. Use the above subject headings to find relevant publications in the those collections.

Search across the collections of a large number of research libraries; identify relevant works and the best subject headings to use to find books on specific topics; and find out if an item is available at Rutgers or another library. Based on the over 40 million items found in the collections of the Research Libraries Group (RLG).

Finding Articles: Indexes

Anthropology Index

Anthropology Plus Combines the resources of the two major indexes to anthropological literature: Harvard's Anthropological Literature and the Royal Anthropological Institute's Anthropological Index. Comprehensive index to journal articles as well as reports, commentaries, and edited books from the late 19th century to the present. Restricted Access.

Finding Articles in Related Areas

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Abstracts
Comprehensive index to journals, books, government publications, dissertations, and reports relating to criminal justice, criminology, and related disciplines from 1968 to the present. This index is based on materials found in the Criminal Justice Collection located in the Rutgers Center for Law and Justice in Newark, and is the most complete catalog for that collection. Restricted Access.


America: History and Life 1964- . The most comprehensive index to American (U.S. and Canada) history. Indexes over 2000 journals worldwide, as well as book reviews and dissertations. Restricted Access.

Historical Abstracts 1955- . The most comprehensive index to world history (excluding that of the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Indexes over 2,000 history and history-related journals worldwide, as well as book reviews and dissertations. Search Guide available. Restricted Access.


LLBA, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts 1973-. Major index to the literature of linguistics, including anthropological linguistics, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics. Restricted Access.

Political Science

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts 1975- Index to over 1,300 journals in political science, international relations, public policy and related fields. Restricted Access.


ATLA Religion Database 1949- . Index to 650 journals, as well as some 14,000 multi-authored works, relating to Biblical studies, world religions, Church history and religious perspectives on social issues. Restricted Access.


SocioFile 1974- Index to approximately 1900 journals in sociology and related disciplines. Restricted Access.

September 11 Attacks

Relevant subject heading that you can use in IRIS to find books on this topic:

September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001

The 9/11 Commission report.
Final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. 2004.

September 11 Web Archive
Results of a project to archive daily nearly 30,000 web sites beginning only hours after the attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001 and continuing until December 1, 2001. An attempt to preserve the Web expressions of individual people, groups, the press and institutions from around the world in the aftermath of the attacks. About 2500 of these sites have now been cataloged and are available. A fascinating, although not particularly easy to use, site. A joint project of the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, and

The September 11 Tragedy and Beyond: Anthropological Resources
Links to anthropological perspectives on September 11th and its aftermath, especially the cultural background of the Middle East and Islam. The focus is on commentary by anthropologists and ethnographic analysis. Sponsored by the Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association.

Terrorism and the Media

Relevant subject headings that you can use in IRIS to find books on this topic include:

Terrorism and mass media
Terrorism in mass media
Terrorism Press coverage

TelevisionArchive: A Library of World Perspectives Concerning September 11th, 2001 Archive of television news broadcasts from the period following the attacks. Includes detailed analyses of crisis coverage.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region's media. Includes clips and translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.
Alali, A. Odasuo. Terrorism and the News Media: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography / by A. Odasuo Alali and Gary W. Byrd. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, c1994.
Criminal Justice Call Number: P96.T472 A43 1994

Other News Sources

For links to many newspaper sites with online searchable archives, as well as to physical collections of newspapers see the Newspapers Research Guide.

Ethnic NewsWatch A full-text collection of over 200 newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic (including Arab and Middle Eastern, Asian-American, European, and Jewish), minority, and native press. Complete articles dating back to 1960, in English and Spanish. Restricted Access.

World News Connection Translated and English-language news and information from Central Eurasia, China, East Asia, Near East & South Asia, East Europe, West Europe, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Restricted Access.

A vast archive of the world's most important publications, reports and news. Full-text of 8,000 leading newspapers, magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and television and radio transcripts. Restricted Access.

LexisNexis Academic
"News" section indexes and provides access to a large collection of U.S. and international newspapers, newsletters, wire service reports, transcripts of television and radio news broadcasts, and student newspapers. Includes foreign language newspapers, and full-text coverage of the New York Times from June 1, 1980 to the present. Restricted Access.

Terrorists Groups and Incidents

Relevant subject headings that you can use in IRIS to find books on this topic include:

    Names of specific groups, for example:
      Qaida Organization [Use for Al-Qaeda]
      Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyah [Use for Hamas]

MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base
"A comprehensive databank of global terrorist incidents and organizations." Includes entrie on terrorist groups, both active and inactive, searchable by ideology and base of operation; terrorist incidents worldwide back to 1968; and legal cases back to 1978. Also has an image archive of terrorist groups, leaders, and attacks. Maintained by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) and funded by the Department of Homeland Security's Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP).

Al Qaeda Training Manual Selections.


Relevant subject heading that you can use in IRIS to find books on this topic:


"Jihad" Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion, ed. Robert Wuthnow. 2 vols. (Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1998), 425-426.
Historical and modern interpretations of the term. Includes bibliography.

War on Terrorism

Relevant subject heading that you can use in IRIS to find books on this topic:

War on Terrorism, 2001-

Tools Against Terror: How the Administration is Implementing New Laws in the Fight to Protect Our Homeland
Hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism, and Government Information of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, second session, October 9, 2002.

America's War Against Terrorism: World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorism and the Aftermath
Rich, annotated collection of documents and links. Compiled by the University of Michigan Documents Center.

'Just War' Tradition in Today's World
Links and resources.

Countries and Cultures

Country Studies
Online versions of the Country Studies/Area Handbooks series published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. A basic resource for an overview of a particular country. Note: The Handbooks found here are electronic versions of studies published between 1988 and 1998, when Congress withdrew funding for this program. Funding was restored in 2004 and new editions should be coming available.

Background Notes
Information on all the countries of the world with which the United States has relations.

Includes reports on 191 countries worldwide with up-to-date political, economic, cultural, business, and environmental information, as well as current and archived country-specific news. Restricted Access.

Levinson, David, ed. Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 10 vols. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1991-1996.
Each volume is devoted to a geographic area and includes a cultural map for that area. There is an entry for each cultural group including information on location, linguistic affiliation, history and cultural relations, settlements, economy, kinship, marriage and family, sociopolitical organization, religion and expressive culture, as well as a list of publications about both the traditional and current culture.
Dana Call Number: Ref. GN550 .E53 1991.

Strijp, Ruud. Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East: A Bibliography. Leiden: Brill, 1992.
Comprehensive partially annotated bibliography of social and cultural anthropological literature (books and articles) concerning the Middle East in general, as well as each country in that area, published between 1965 and 1987.
Dana Call Number: Ref. GN640 .S76 1992

Culturally-Based Violence

Warren, K.B., "Violence in Anthropology," International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2001. Vol. 24, pp. 16202-16206.
Approaches and topics in the anthropological study of violence. Includes bibliography.
Dana Call Number: Ref. H41 .I58 2001

Keiser, R. Lincoln, "The Cultural Construction of Violence," IN Ethnographic Essays in Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-based Approach. Edited by R. Bruce Morrison, and C. Roderick Wilson. Itasca, Ill., F.E. Peacock Publishers, 2002.

Ter Haar, Barend J. Violence in Chinese Culture: Bibliography
Annotated bibliography focusing on the structuring role of violence in Chinese culture.

Bibliography on 'Crimes of Honour'
Annotated bibliography of literature and cases focusing on culturally-based violence against women in various parts of the world (Africa, the Americas, Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Asia/South Asia). Part of a joint project of CIMEL, the Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Laws and INTERIGHTS, The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights.

Terrorism Sites and Collections

Terrorism: Selected Internet Resources From the Library of Congress.

9/11 and Terrorism From the San Jose State University Library.

After September 11th Links compiled by faculty at the San Jose State University department of anthropology. Includes materials with perspectives not frequently heard or seen in the mainstream media.

America's Crisis: Asian Perspectives Background, issues, interviews, and articles, news, and commentary from various Asian perspectives. Compiled by the Asia Society.

Papers from the Roots of Terrorism Initiative The Roots of Terrorism Initiative brings together researchers from the fields of psychology, political science, sociology, and anthropology to conduct innovative, policy oriented research into terrorism.

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