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Finding Books: Library Catalogs

IRIS The online catalog for the Rutgers University Libraries.

    Subject headings that you can use to search IRIS include:

    Education, Urban United States
    Educational Change United States
    School Improvement Programs United States
    Politics and Education

Newark Law Newark Law library materials are not listed in IRIS. Use the above subject headings to find relevant publications.

Finding Articles: Indexes

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
The premier resource for educational research, the ERIC database contains more than one million abstracts covering research documents, journal articles, technical reports, program descriptions and evaluations, and curricular materials in the field of education. 1966+

Public Affairs Information Service 1972- Index to books, reports, government documents, and journals dealing with political, social, and public policy issues. Restricted Access.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts 1975- Index to over 1,300 journals in political science, international relations, public policy and related fields. Restricted Access.

SocioFile 1974- Index to approximately 1900 journals in sociology and related disciplines. Restricted Access.


Common Core of Data

The National Center for Education Statistics annually collects data about all public elementary and secondary schools, all local education agencies (school districts), and all state education agencies. This information then become part of the Common Core of Data (CCD) database. NCES uses CCD data to produce reports; they also make the database available to those researching American education.

CCD Build a Table Tool
Create customized tables of CCD public school data for states, counties, CBSA's, MSA's, districts, and schools.

Council of the Great City Schools

Council of the Great City Schools
The CGCS is a coalition of 64 of the nation's largest urban school districts. The Council regularly prepares reports and compiles data on U.S. urban school systems, including:

Census Data

American FactFinder
Select query elements to create maps and view data tables based on Census 2000, the 1990 Census, the American Community Survey, and the Economic Census. See definitions of the major geographic units for which census data is available.

1980 and 1970 Census of Population are located in the Census area in the Dana Library Reference Room. Population characteristics for the nation and by state (including county, central city, and place data) are available in the General Social and Economic Characteristics volumes:

  • 1980 CENSUS OF POPULATION, General Social and Economic Characteristics, U.S. Summary (C3.223/7:980)
  • 1980 CENSUS OF POPULATION, General Social and Economic Characteristics, Pt. 32 New Jersey (C32.223/7:980/c32)
  • 1970 CENSUS OF POPULATION, General Soical and Economic Characteristics, New Jersey (C3.223/9:970/C32)

You will need to use the Table Finding Guide in the front of each volume to locate the data that you need.

1997 Census of Governments: Federal, State, and Local
Covers government organization, public employment, and government finance. Includes public education finances.

School District Demographics
Census 2000 demographic data about children and their living environment, by school district. Also includes school district maps, as well as population and poverty estimites for school districts.

U.S. Cities

The American Metropolis at Century's End: Past and Future Influences
Report of a survey, led by Robert Fishman (Rutgers University-Camden), of urban specialists who were asked to identify the key influences which shaped American cities in the past 50 years, as well as those most likely to shape cities in the future. Sponsored by the Fannie Mae Foundation.

State of the Cities 2000
Report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development on the social and economic vitality of America's cities.

State of the Cities Data Systems
Data on 542 central cities and 10,744 metropolitan suburban places. In addition to demographic, employment, and business data, the SOCDS also contains data on high tech jobs in cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas, as well as house values and rents, and crime rates. "Fast Look" option allows user to view data tables for one or more selected cities. The SOCDS also includes Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) data showing housing problems and the availability of affordable housing for states, counties, and places, as well as Urban Finance data (public expenditures, revenues, and employees) for cities and metropolitan areas.

The New Jersey Municipal Data Book. Montclair, N.J., New Jersey Associates, 1981- Annual
One page summaries [sample] of the population, government, finances, schools, and other characterisitics of each of New Jersey's towns and cities.
Dana Call Number: REF HD4606.N49N5. Most recent volume at Reference Desk.

The Newark Experience: Newark Schools
Guide to the literature (books, articles, dissertations, reports) on the history of education in Newark, New Jersey.

Student Achievement

Hope for Urban Education: A Study of Nine High-Performing, High-Poverty Urban Elementary Schools. Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of Education, 1999.
Study of nine urban schools that used federal Title I dollars to create Title I schoolwide programs Student achievement in mathematics and reading at these schools was higher than the average of all schools in their state Report prepared by the Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin.

National Assessment of Educational Progress: The Nation's Report Card
Perodic reports on subject-matter (reading, mathematics, science, writing, U.S. history, civics, geography, and the arts) achievement, instructional experiences, and school environment for populations of students and subgroups of those populations. The National NAEP reports information for the nation and specific geographic regions of the country and reports student achievement at grades 4, 8, and 12.

Beating the Odds IV: A City-By-City Analysis of Student Performance and Achievement Gap on State Assessments Results from 2002-2003 School Year. March 2004.
4th annual report on student achievement in major city school systems in math and reading. Data are presented on 61 city school systems from 37 states. The statistics are presented city-by-city, year-by-year, and grade-by-grade on each state test in mathematics and reading. From the Council of the Great City Schools.

School Choice

The U.S. Department of Education sponsored a 4-year National Study of Charter Schools:

Frankenberg, Erica and Lee, Chungmei. Charter Schools and Race: A Lost Opportunity for Integrated Education. Education Policy Analysis Archives 11(32), September 5, 2003.
Looks at segregation patterns in the nation's charter schools.

Charter School Operations and Performance: Evidence from California. RAND Report MR-1700, 2003. Examines accessibility, student achievement, governance, and operation of California charter schools. Concludes that as there is no single charter school approach there is no single charter school effect.

Visconti, Louisa et al. Charter Schools and Urban Education Improvement: Newark and New Jersey's Charter Schools National Conference on Charter Schools: Trends and Policy Issues. Sacramento, CA, March 27-28, 2004.

Callahan, Kathe, Sadovnik, Alan, and Visconti, Louisa. Performance-Based Accountability: Newark's Charter School Experience. Newark, Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, June 2002 (revised December 2002).

Evaluation of New Jersey Charter Schools
Highlights of the 2001 report, report on charter school hearings, and the Commissioners recommendations.

No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind: A Desktop Reference

Education Commission of the States. ECS Report to the Nation: State Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. July 2004.
Analysis of NCLB implementation.

State Departments of Education

State Departments of Education
Click on map and connect to that state's education department. From the Teacher Information Network.

Links to Other Resources

Archive of ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education Publications
The ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, a major source of information on urban education, closed on December 19, 2000 after 35 years. The Institute for Urban and Minority Education at Columbia Teachers College is now maintaining an archive of publications created by the clearinghouse, including:

  • The Urban Diversity Series. Monographs, literature and research reviews, and resource guides concerning educational, socioeconomic, and social/psychological issues involved in the development of diverse urban populations.
  • Trends and Issues Series. Resources on social and educational developments which are changing the nature of schooling for urban and minority students.
  • ERIC Digests. Compilations of information on educational issues.

Urban Education Resources
Annotated links from the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education.

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