Nov 2000

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US Census, voting & reapportionment

Lee Papayanopoulos
Office: 210 Ackerson Hall, 180 University Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102-1897
Phone: (973) 353-5828, FAX: (973) 353-5003


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Prof. Papayanopoulos maintains research interests in computers, computer-based instruction, and operations research. His background includes professional involvement in
  • MIS and telecommunications with a decade of service at IBM,
  • instructional technology (pioneered the modern electronic classroom in 1984 with implementations at IBM, Rutgers, and other universities), and
  • optimization & combinatorics (during the past 30 years, his precedent-setting voting & reapportionment methodologies were adopted by numerous local governments and affected the representation of millions of voters).

His more recent research has focused on omega functions -- distributions that describe both probabilistic and deterministic phenomena. He has been an invited conference speaker at several international meetings; most recent topic: covariational properties of multi dimensional omega functions. Prof. Papayanopoulos pursued his undergraduate studies in Engineering & Applied Physics at Cornell University. He received an MS in industrial engineering from New York University and completed his doctoral studies in operations research at Columbia University.


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