Katarzyna Paruch

Graduate Student

Email: paruch@newark.rutgers.edu

Phone: 973-353-3502

Current projects

        Electron transfer from selected donors and acceptors into zinc-substituted cytochrome P450cam.

        Site specific binding of supramolecular assemblies to P450cam.


Education and experience

2005 MSc degree in Biotechnology, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.
Disruption of hepatitis C virus RNA replication through inhibition by selected potential drugs in cell culture.

2003-2005 Research Staff, Laboratory of Virology, National Institute of Public Health, Warsaw, Poland
Cytotoxicity and resistance studies of potential inhibitors in HCV infected cells in vitro.

Selected publications

[My paper] M. Bretner, A. Najda, R. Podwińska, A. Baier, K. Paruch, A. Lipniacki, A. Piasek, P. Borowski, T. Kulikowski, Inhibitors of the NTPase/helicases of hepatitis C and related Flaviviridae viruses, Acta Pol Pharm. 61 (2004) p. 15909930.