Projects of the WCJLN

WCJLN is working on the following projects:
  1. Membership Directory. A directory of participant libraries, which lists holdings, special collections, services, and other details will becompiled and made available at cost.

  2. Union List. The feasibility of developing a world union list of serials relating to criminal justice will be investigated, and the list constructed if possible.

  3. Accession Lists. A means of sharing accession lists of each participating library will be devised.

  4. International Crime Data. Disseminate, through on line data bases and other means, national and international crime statistics and criminal justice profiles.

  5. Establish Gateways. Assist in identifying other networks, whether international, governmental, commercial, or academic, and facilitate access to them.

  6. Languages. Communicate WCJLN activities and information in English, French and Spanish.

  7. Training. WCJLN members will inform other librarians and criminal justice information specialists about the operation of the WCJLN network and related activities, and train as necessary.

  8. United Nations. Assist the United Nations in its efforts to disseminate criminal justice information, by working through the United Nations Criminal Justice Information Network (UNCJIN).

    Newark, NJ, USA : April 1991