Public Safety Canada (formerly Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada)
/ Library and Reference Centre

Postal Address 340 Laurier Ave West, 11-A
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P8 Canada
Fax: 1 613 941 6171

Street Address 340 Laurier Ave West, 11-A
Ottawa, Ontario

Staff Librarian: Heather Moore
Phone: 1 613 991 2779
Inter-library loans: Noella Morvan
Phone: 1 613 991 2787
Reference Services: Leonard Bonavero
Phone: 1 613 991 2780
Technical Services: Padma Krishnamurthi
Phone: 1 613 991 2783

  • Networks: Envoy 100 (electronic messaging service)
  • Online Systems Accessed: Dialog; QL; UTLAS; INFOGLOBE; INFOMART; QUICK LAW; DOBIS
  • CD-ROMs Used: Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA); Canadian Periodical Index; NCJRS; PsychLit; Canada Phone

Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: Criminology; Corrections; Law Enforcement
  • Monograph Holdings: 25,000
  • Serial Holdings: 800 (including paper format and microfiche) / Serials list available on request Special Collections
    1. Audio-visual material catalogued and inter-filed in the collection
    2. Canadian Federal and Provincial statutes and regulations
    3. National Criminal Justice Research Service material on microfiche

Other Services

Inter-Library Loan Policy Free reciprocal inter-library loans service offered to other libraries.