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Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1G 3J2
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Fax: +1 613 993 2220

Street Address 1 St. Laurent Boulevard at Sandridge Road
Building "C", Third Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, KIG 3J2

Staff Director: Marc Lepage
Phone: +1 613 998 0774 (in English) / +1 613 993 2220 (in French)

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Online Systems Accessed: AMICUS, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, CIAO, EbscoHost, Emerald, Netlibrary, IACPnet, Janes, OCLC FirstSearch, QuickLaw, Westlaw, Carswell
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Collection Details Subjects Covered: Law enforcement; Police Science, Techniques, and Training; Police Administration and Management; RCMP History
Monograph Holdings: 25,000
Serial Holdings: 360
Special Collections: 2,500 videocassettes or DVDs, audiocassettes, CDs

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Inter-Library Loan Policy No charge for photocopies of articles.  Monographs and Audiovisual materials loaned within Canada only