Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention

Postal Address Nam. 14, rijna c.12
P O Box 87
150 21 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Fax: 0042 257 104 403

Street Address Nam. 14, rijna c.12
P O Box 87
150 21 Prague 5

Staff Mrs. Jana Bila, Head of Documentation and Information Section
Phone: 0042 257 104 517
Mrs. Nina Dlaskova, Librarian
Phone: 00420 257 104 103
Mrs. Marta Holekova, Documentalist & International Relations ICSP
Phone: 00420 257 103 514
Make requests to Mrs. Holekova and Mrs. Bila

Network/Online/CD ProQuest, Internet
Internal database with 14,000 records of books, journal articles, and other information materials according to key words (All primary sources are in library holding)
CD-ROM: ASPI --Czech Law Information System

Collection Details Monograph Holdings: 13,000 (including research reports, statistics, grey literature, etc.)
Subjects covered: Criminology, Criminal Law, Penology, Psychology, Sociology, Crime Prevention
Serial Holdings: 80 / Serials list available on request

Other Services

Inter-Library Loan Policy The library provides all common information and library  services for research workers, students, and other professionals.  Inter-library loan for workers of ICSP only