Police Academy of the Czech Republic / Department of Scientific Information

Postal Address Knihovna PA CR
P.O.  Box 54
143 01 Praha 4
Czech  Republic
Fax: 00420974842569
Tel: 0042 24 77 2427
E-mail: kni@polac.cz

Street Address Knihovna PA CR
Lhotecka 559/7
P.O.  Box 54
143 01 Praha 4


Head of the Department: Jitka Bila, M.A.;

Tel: 0042 24 77 2427
E-mail: J.Bila@polac.cz

Head of the Information Division: Ivana Erna, M.A.;

Tel: 0042 24 77 2429
E-mail: I.Cerna@polac.cz

Head of the Library Division: Natasa Siskova, M.A.;

Tel: 0042 974 828 116
E-mail: N.Siskova@polac.cz

Librarian: Barbora Lichancova, M.A.;

Tel: 0042 974 828 116
E-mail: b.lichanova@polac.cz

  • Homepage: www.polac.cz/g2/view.php?knihovna/index.html
  • Online Systems Accessed: EBSCO
  • Online Books and Journals: none
  • Own databases:  MAKS: book collection to 2001; T-Series/TinLib: book collection (OPAC kni.polac.cz/cgi-bin/tinweb2/k6); ANAL: collection of selected journal articles (key words and annotations included, is now part of book collection in the same system accessible via OPAC)
  • CD-ROMs: none
Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: Police Sciences, Criminalistics, Criminology, Forensic Sciences, Law (especially Criminal Law, Police Law, Public Law), Penology, Management, Politics, Pshychology, Sociology, Professional Ethics, Technology / Police Equipment.
  • Monograph Holdings: 43,566 titles, 114,433  vol. of literature / multiplic
  • Serial Holdings: Foreign serials (45 titles) and Czech serials (156 titles)
  • Department provides all common information and library services
Other Services Documentation Bulletin (every month from own article database ANAL)
Current Contents: Police Academy Staff Publications, selective topical bibliographies (irregulary)
Both accessible via webpage

Inter-Library Loan Policy Reference and Special materials and Periodicals are not circulated