Institute of Criminology, University of Tuebingen / Library and Documentation Service

Postal Address Institute of Criminology
Sand 7
D-72076 Tuebingen
Federal Republic of Germany
Fax: +49-7071-29 51 04

Tuebingen University Library
Special Collection Criminology
Postfach 2620
D-72016 Tuebingen
Federal Republic of Germany

>> In close cooperation with the Tuebingen University Library, since 1969 the Institute of Criminology is running the (national) Service Library for Criminology (Bibliotheksschwerpunkt Kriminologie) founded by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" (German Research Foundation)

Staff Librarian (Institute of Criminology): Mrs. Constanze Weber
Phone: +49-7071-2972040
Librarian (Tuebingen University Library): Mrs Ingrid Gwinner
(contact for Inter-Library Loans)
Phone: +49-7071-2977844

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Collection Details
  • Subject Covered: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Criminal Policy, Penology, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and related disciplines since 19th century, in particular German and European publications (Institute Library)
  • Acquisition(s) Lists: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Penology, Corrections, Juvenile  Delinquency, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Organized Crime, Economic Crime, and many related issues, with particular emphasis on non-German publications, mainly published after 1969 (University Library, Special Collection Criminology)
  • Monograph Holdings: 44,000 (Institute Library) and 70,500 (University Library, Special Collection Criminology)
  • Serial Holdings: 130 (Institute Library) and 170 (University Library, Special Collection Criminology)
  • Special Collections: Special reports, Grey literature, and Reports of non-government organizations
Other Services

Inter-Library Loan Policy
The Service Library for Criminology at the University Library, Special Collection Criminology participates in the German Inter-Library Loan System.  International inter-library loans are also possible.  For further information, contact your nearest library that participates in the inter-library loan system.