The Library and Information Services of the Police College of Finland

Postal Address

P.O. Box 123, Fin-33721, Tampere, FINLAND
+358 71 878 3830

Street Address Vaajakatu 2
33720 Tampere, FINLAND

Staff Director: Maarit Kivela
Inter-library loans library secretary: Arja Vanska

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Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: criminalistics, jurisprudence, criminology, psychology, traffic, linguistics and leadership.
  • Monograph Holdings: 35,000 items
  • Serial Holdings: 200 periodicals, 1200 stored volumes
  • Special Collections: Historical collection of the Police of Finland. Collection of Police Schooling

Other Services Selling the publications of the Police College of Finland

Other Services The Library is primarily intended to serve students and staff of the Police College and others working in or for the Finnish police service. Other customers wishing to use the library services should contact the library before visiting. Inter-library loans are possible.

Inter-Library Loan Policy Agreements of free Inter-Library loans with Scandinavian Police Libraries. Agreements are possible to be made with other libraries too. Costs are the standard cost established by the National Library