United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
/ Branch Reference Unit

Postal Address Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reference Unit
P.O. Box 500 , Room E1239
A-1400 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Tel: (43 1) 21131-4279 *
Fax: (43 1) 209-2599
*Telephone number will probably change after April/May 1995

Street Address Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reference Unit
(Wagrammerstrasse 50)

Staff Emil Wandzilak, Information Officer


Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: Juvenile and organized crime, victims of crime, United Nations standards and norms in crime prevention, etc. 
  • Monograph Holdings: Over 1,000 monographs consisting of more than 12,000 pages.
  • Serial Holdings: International Review of Criminal Policy, Vol. 1 - 43. Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Newsletter, Vol. 1 - 23.
  • Special Collections: Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, and the Economic and Social Council which are related to the work of the United Nations in the field of Crime, Crime Prevention, and Criminal Justice
Other Services

Inter-Library Loan Policy The Reference Unit has prepared a list containing all the documents prepared by the United Nations, since 1948, in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. This list is available on request, free-of-charge. Most documents cited in this list are available free-of-charge. Older documents, which are no longer in stock, can be photo-copied on a special request basis