United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) - Documentation/Information Centre

Postal Address Viale Maestri del Lavoro
10-10127 Turin

Date of Establishment
Staff/Contact Contact Person: Ms. Maria Federica Casell
Staff: 4
Phone: (+39)  011 6537111
Fax: (+39)  011 6313368
E-mail: documentation@unicri.it
Website: www.unicri.it/documentation_centre/

Library Resources UN Documents, Books, Journals, On-Line Database, CD-Roms, Videos
Library Catalog on web: www.unicri.it/wwk/documentation/lmsdb.php
Networks: UNCJIN

Collection Details
Monograph Holdings: 13,500
Serial Holdings: 400 / Serial list available on request
Special Collections:
   1. Audio-visual
   2. Legislation
   3. Microfiche
   4. Special Reports
   5. Multi-language material
   6. A variety of material is collected in a special section on drug abuse and AIDS. 
       The material includes audio-visual, posters, grey literature, publicity, and CD sets

Service Offered Reference Services, AD-hoc Bibliographies, Desk Reviews, Full Texts and Abstracts (subject to copyright law)

Area of specialization Criminology, Criminal and International Law, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Illicit Drugs, Social Science

Inter-Library Loan Policy Ad hoc bibliographies, photocopies of articles, pamphlets and relevant chapters of monographs are provided on a reimbursement basis