Institute of Criminology, University of Cape Town / Social Justice Resource Project

Postal Address Private Bag Rondebosch, 7700
South Africa
Show Road, Rosebank
Fax: 27 21 650 3790

Street Address Protem
Cottages 3&5

Staff Coordinator: Jennifer Radloff
Phone: 27 21 650 2983/2988
Publications Officer: Rona Cochrane

  • Networks: Local PMail Address: SJRP/PROTEM ; INTERNET (
  • Online Systems Accessed: Access to the Internet, gopher, FTP, telnet, WWW, CWIS
  • CD-ROMs Used: Access to CD-ROMs online via University of Cape Town main library: Jutastat, Periodicals in South African Libraries, Wilsondisc, Global Books in Print, Periodicals in UCT Libraries
Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: Policing and crime control ; Prisons and punishment ; Rehabilitation and victim assistance ; Law and the courts ; State abuse of power and rights violations ; Gender issues ; Violence against women ; Children and youth ; Juvenile justice ; Lesbian and gay rights
  • Monograph Holdings: 7,000 (This figure includes monographs, research reports, unpublished papers, press clips, bibliographies, training manuals, reports, periodicals, and videos)
  • Special Collections:
    1. Government publications
    2. Annual reports
    3. Official statistics
    4. Hansard (Debates of Parliament)

Other Services Publications Unit: Publishes Occasional Paper and Bibliographic series; Research Reports; Developing Justice series and various booklets

Inter-Library Loan Policy No inter-library loans, but can respond to requests for information from international organisations or individuals, and where unable to assist, can direct to appropriate sources