Escola de Policia de Catalunya / CEDOCPOL (Police Documentation)

Postal Address Cra. Nacional 152, Km. 20
08100 Mollet del Valles
Phone: 34-3 576 04 09
Fax: 34-3 576 04 54

Street Address Cra. Nacional 152,
Km. 20
Mollet del Valles

Staff Principal Librarian: Elisabeth Calatayud
Information Services: Neus Capdevila
Cataloguing: Merce Requena, Ma. Jesus Rodriguez
Assistant Librarians: Montserrat Sanchez, Judith Sierra

Network/Online/CD Online systems accessed: Dialog, Questel, Eurobases, OCLC, The British Library Document Supply Center, Internet.
CD-ROMs used: Criminal Justice Abstracts, NCJRS, Aranzadi (Spanish law), La Ley (Spanish jurisprudence), CSIC

Collection Details Subjects covered: Police, Public Order, Criminal Law, Corrections, and other police related subjects.
Monograph Holding: 7,000
Serial Holding: 232
Special Collections: NCJRS microfiche titles

Other Services Maps: The CEDOCPOL has on deposit all the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia production. At present, there are some 6,500 maps which can be consulted from a database.
Centre of Audiovisual Resources: The video library collection consists of conferences, courses, and other activities, as well as debates, documentaries and films. At the moment there are 95 compact discs in the record library, most of them of classical music

Inter-Library Loan Policy Free of charge. Depending on items requested, will lend to overseas libraries