United Nations Latin American Institute
for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders

Postal Address Tercer Piso
Edificio del Organismo de Investigacion Judicial
Circuito Judicial
Calle 17, Aves 6 y 8
San Jose
P.O. Box 10071-1000
Costa Rica

Street Address Calle 17, Aves 6 y 8
San Jose
Costa Rica

Staff Rodrigo Paris, Ph.D, Executive Director
Lourdes Flores, Principal Librarian

Network/Online/CD Internet address: www.ilanud.or.cr

Collection Details Subjects Covered: Constitutional Law, Correctional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Jurisdiction Law, Police and Criminal Law
Monograph Holdings: 12,000

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Inter-Library Loan Policy Depending on items requested will lend to overseas libraries.