Inter-American Drug Documentation and Information Center(IADIC)
of the Inter-American Drug Information System (IADIS)

Postal Address 1889 F Street
Washington D.C.

Street Address 1889 F Street
Washington D.C.

Facsimile (202) 458 - 3658

Telephone (202) 458 - 3809



Staff Director: Ruth Marie Connolly

Hours 9:00- 5:30

Collection Details
  • Subject Strength: Illicit drugs: gray literature, government reports on execution of natural drug plans
  • Special Collections: Official documents of the Inter- American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)
  • Services: Search, xeroxing, some lending
  • Size of Collection: 20,000 documents

CD-ROMs Held Approximately 15 - 20

Online Services Catalogue on-line for major collection materials. Some full -text documents on-line

Access to Collection yes